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There is a noticeable difference, but for me ripping Boot Camp off of my iMac is one less OS I have to maintain. Windows update is the biggest fail since cardboard canoes. Valve makes me happy. Great job. It can only get better and better.
hairy hand models make your day? great looking phone with features I want. now I need to get the wife on board so she won't flip when i buy the reserved item tomorrow.
change da world? pray tell...
Froyo? who's got it? vapor until my buddy with nexus one receives it. it's been over a month since it was announced. This is why I really appreciate Apple. Other than rumors, when something is announced, it gets released when it says it will be released. All you get from the others is Coming Soon. Fail.
huh? there's nothing that sucks in the latest i5/i7 imac. Best desktop / screen available. Not getting this comment at all. But that's off topic. I'm hoping they don't cancel my reserved phone! lol.
it looks almost 100% on the iPad in full resolution love using Fullforce (jailbreak app, runs iPhone apps in full screen mode). Very nice!
They both look the same to me from 9'.
I'll eat Kasper's shorts if Safari Reader isn't destined for your TV screen! lol
I haven't seen anything mentioned about ATT offering the ability to wifi tether. I seriously doubt they will offer this, it'll be cable only, imho. On the same note, I bought the wifi iPad and use MyWi (jailbreak tether app) on the iPhone using wifi tethering. Works like magic. I rarely use it, but when I need it, it's well worth the $9.99 price.
already i've seen multiple sales people using them in their kiosks to demonstrate and show photos of products and demo videos. this device along with Square is a major win for small businesses.
New Posts  All Forums: