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1024x768 has been a web standard since inception.the app store sucks for browsing.. I dislike how it loses your place. So trivial to fix. UI fail! Apple should know better.fingerprints aren't an issue. you can't see them when its on. I just carry my iPhone screen cleaner with me... now why didn't Apple put one in the iPad box? whacky.
I ended up with this leather one from Amazon for $14.95 (prime free shipping). Its nicely made, works great. But unless I'm transporting it or using it in stand mode, I generally pull the iPad out and use it without a case. So much more natural and light. The one I bought does not have the CTC logo crap on it (see the other pictures), which is weird since when I ordered it it didn't have it in the pictures. And the stand is 'adjustable' which is laughable since you...
But will it blend?
i don't like her show, but that was funny. and her apology was funny too. hmm.
only cracks i've seen were on sites we'd best not mention here!
"Winfrey also has a financial interest in the iPad, as Oprah's Book Club is featured on Apple's iBookstore on the iPad..." says a lot. Though I also think it's pretty cool
online only. Though I do remember going into my local Apple store a few years ago on a first or last Saturday of the month and they had a stack of mac minis and ipods that were discounted as open box items. I don't know if they still do that, I'd call your store and find out. If they did it would be a hit or miss, you'd do better online.
this isn't a computer. people don't get the paradigm switch.
if this wasn't a leak, then for sure this kid isn't going to be testing any more Apple prototypes! I prefer getting the new stuff as a surprise, it's much more fun that way. Having some jackoff at giz put together a crappy webpage is NOT better than Steve-o doing his one more thing... I think we lost some 'fun' this summer. drat. ...and how many more times will we have the honor of Steve on stage with a cool device. This kind of thing is limited.. his years...
Dooommmmmed! Realistically, this company is a juggernaught. One day there will only be Apple and Taco Bell.
New Posts  All Forums: