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and you didn't believe them? this is true. and because of the 'shared' memory with the integrated graphics you should always have 'matched' ram meaning the same size and specs in both slots for dual channel mode. otherwise your performance may suffer. This is not as big of a deal on the MBP or iMac since they have dedicated graphics.
"Only Macbook with features worth the cost" Model $1099 No whine. But bloody hot as heck.
This is the base model, $1099, White. Glossy screen isn't bad at all. I really had to look to notice it. I don't like the monster bezel around the screen but the screen is bright bright bright! Keyboard is a step up in quality from the previous PB and iBook. Nice job. Magsafe connector is small and discrete with a satisfying click. This thing runs hot like the fires of Hades. Goodness, DO NOT PUT ON LAP, you will roast your chestnuts, guaranteed. ...
I don't think so. its 667mhz pc5300 so-dimm and your G4 takes PC2700 DDR.
you are right. its marketing. don't like black price, buy white!
Update: I wasn't happy with that order status so I called to cancel the order, the nice lady at Apple offered $50 off and overnight shipping!! I kept it, its a good deal.
the statement "MacBooks available at most Apple stores" might be true, but the Flagship store in Phoenix at the Apple Biltmore has ZERO stock and no idea when they will get any. Ordering from within the store is according to the apple geek priority but my status is showing (stock 1099 model): Estimated Ship Date May 23, 2006 \t Estimated Arrival Date May 26, 2006
ok, but shouldn't the spec say 80mb minimum instead of 64mb? And can it use more, say up to 256mb?
wow...and in the Refurb store at Apple the macbook pro is $1599.... yeah its refurbed but they are always pristine. I'd have a tough time justifying $1700+ on a MB. The 1099 looks uber good though. you'll enjoy it though, have fun, its a pretty snazzy machine!
the specs say: 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory (2) but the note says: Memory available to Mac OS X may vary depending on graphics needs. Minimum graphics memory usage is 80MB, resulting in 432MB of system memory available. So is it 64mb or 80mb? And can it use 'more' since this is the minimum?
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