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I'm getting random system restarts with Yosemite. I leave the Mini alone for a few days and I come back with a message saying it's rebooted. Not sure what's up, but I'm sending all the crash logs to Apple.
Well I never said the US ran the world."...maybe not software developers, but hackers..."Which is even more of a reason why Apple should not let this happen.
All your code are belong to us. But seriously, even if Apple did give them some code, they probably won't understand one line. And besides, Russia doesn't run the world and Apple is not indebted to them for anything.
243MB? Wowza...
Bose has been around since 1964, I think they know a thing or two about audio, especially something as fundamental as noise cancellation.  However, this technology is so ubiquitous that it's almost like the wheels on a car. We'll see how it proceeds. 
Well I can eat some crow today, the update just showed up. So, nevamind.
No update for the windows version haha
I've never understood why Ron Sugar is on the board. Former Northrop Grumman?
Think Photos for iWork on iCloud. I doubt there would be a web interface, but the idea would be the same - doc in the cloud, edits pushed to all devices currently also logged into the same account.
This was crashing like crazy. Now it's not and I didn't do anything. Me thinks server problem they caught.
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