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Well I can eat some crow today, the update just showed up. So, nevamind.
No update for the windows version haha
I've never understood why Ron Sugar is on the board. Former Northrop Grumman?
Think Photos for iWork on iCloud. I doubt there would be a web interface, but the idea would be the same - doc in the cloud, edits pushed to all devices currently also logged into the same account.
This was crashing like crazy. Now it's not and I didn't do anything. Me thinks server problem they caught.
I've often pondered the same question. The Verge has a good article on how they ran out of capacity awhile ago.
Ugh is right. I'm torn on this, I used to work in the broadcast industry, but I really don't agree with it at all. I hate the cable companies, but it's a clear violation of the Funky Cookie Company laws of rebroadcasting a signal. My engineering side says who cares, all they are doing is renting out an antenna. It's the profit of copyrighted material the court evidently had a problem with.Innovation was squashed today.
I timed it from updating a doc from ios to when it shows up on a computer running Firefox in Windows and Safari on Mavericks. On the average, the update takes 30-50 seconds to auto sync. The cool trick is to have the same doc open between two computers - there's no lag at all; you can see your typing on the other computer instantly, pretty much real time.
Well if you're referring to only the web apps, they're better with each iteration. I never used the OS X apps, only the web and ios versions.
I needed a good laugh, thanks. I've found that each version is getting better and better. All apps are very useable. I've starting using Keynote instead of PPT for many things at work simply because it has almost no legacy baggage. 
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