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I was drawing a parallel that Apple Inc. seems to be releasing exclusive music, almost like the Apple Records record label would. It seems ironic to me.
Apple Records = Apple, Inc.
This seems very similar to what Youtube is doing on say, long videos of people playing games. Right in the middle of a video - an ad starts playing. Very intrusive and terrible.
Yeah me too. Seems a little odd, but was that gesture removed all together? I know on an iPad 3, I can't swipe forward in Safari and of course I don't get the slide out task switcher.
I don't see transit on the iPad for Chicago. Using an iPad 3 on iOS 9. Am I missing something?
*Sigh* That's what I'm suspecting, but I don't need yet another bill. Come on Apple. I understand streaming, but don't run it down my throat by cutting off great features. If this is true, it means they are turning some features into services, and that makes me a sad panda.
Physics man, physics.
Still not clear to me if Beats 1 will include other formats or only one. In the long run, is B1 the only free station with only one goofy format? I don't mind listening to free classical, with commercials, but I'm not paying for it.
Amazing to me that no one talks about female hardware engineers. Why all the software talk - is hardware not as "sexy"?
As long as they have a free ad supported option, I'll be happy. If not it's on to something else.
New Posts  All Forums: