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I'm not a baby boomer. I guess I'm a gen-X'r. If you give money for something equivalent, that money is lost. I understand curation, but it better really good before I'd pay for it. Even then, I doubt it.
I guess I'm old but I will never ever pay for radio. It astounds me kids:   Don't want to own music Would rather pay for something that is free already. It's called broadcast radio.
Kill all apps, reboot, restart app. Problem solved for the time being. I wonder how these iPads are "used" in between flights. Just sayin'
He would claim Apple copied them and show off the amazing Samsung innovation on his wrist.
30% for a first run is actually pretty good. Usually, yield rates are in the single digits for a new process - 14 nm in this case. It's a complicated recipe to get right before they make millions of them. Very common for this process to take many months to get the yield up.
Is that Joanna Stern? I would assume no, but it looks like her.
Ok...we'll see 
"...one person tells TechCrunch that they almost stopped using their phone during the day..." Ok, this could extend the battery life of the iPhone since it's acting as source/sync over bluetooth for the watch. At least the comment said 'almost' stopped using.
This is sounding more and more like a MacBook Air with a Llightning charging port. iOS 8 was not designed to use a mouse.
Anyone notice the driver working with something he is apparently wearing on his head? He notices the camera then quickly stops adjusting it. Maybe some kind of heads-up display, similar to Google glass. While Glass was rolled out horribly from Google, the technology of augmented reality is interesting. Wonder what Apple is up to. 
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