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Seems to me that Samsung is admitting they copied but their defense is "yeah we copied so what, that stuff is not important. So na nanana booboo"
What's funny is that Samung's defense is percisely the reason I love Apple. Apple's attention to even the smallest detail is remarkable and is well known in the industry. I don't care if Samsung thinks those things not important. True, there's a certain segment of the market who could care less, but I and many other people do care.
The History app appeared to be good but, amazingly, they don't have Cox Cable as a partner. 
I just hope we don't see a situation where we have too many models with barely a difference between them other than size. This will confuse customers. I remember one of the first things Jobs did was kill off all that were all too similar. Granted we don't have this problem now, just sayin.
How did he bring up multitasking while holding the touch ID scanner? Is this an accessibility thing? My 5S doesn't do that. Must be a Jailbreak thing.
Stupid, I don't want another bill.
I still use Safari for Windows. I wish they didn't stop development either, I really miss iCoud tabs. Firefox is a good backup.
Maybe I missed the sarcasm here, but this is probably Apple's way of telling MS, "ok, even with the best hardware money can buy, look how crappy your OS is." 
Why? There's no need for another layer of confusion. People don't miss what they don't need. Each app handles the files it needs. Let me ask you, when you pick up your iphone or ipad, what is the first thing you think about? I would bet what functionality you want to use, not what file you want to search for an app to open.
Yes, this I agree with. Maybe this is what they did with Tesla, or maybe not. 
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