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Good idea but still seems like a race to the bottom. Maybe this is a good thing considering the subpar quality of Facebook's software - meaning they will clean up bugs in the Android release. Let's hope they turn off the audio 
Everyday, absolutely. 
The iMac4KS....or iMac5KS......or iMac S...rabbit hole...
Actually I was talking about the Apple II approach with the keyboard being part of the computer, but it was a bad joke. Anyway, charging the batteries from the iMac's USB port I'm sure will work this way: you would still be able to use the keyboard while charging,
Not wired or wireless. Attach the keyboard directly to the Mac. Oh, wait...
App should pulled, or it should be called Crystal* *=Blocked if you don't pay us. Really stupid way to do business. Unfortunately, they got my money before they did this.
I've always wondered, are they selling knock off hardware at these stores?
Wasn't absurd, just an observation, never said it was fact. It's easy to say things are driven by sales, this is true for existing products. I never knew I needed a smart phone until I saw it demonstrated by Steve. I was sold without even touching the device.
There were zero iPhones before 2007. Are you sure about your point?
I was drawing a parallel that Apple Inc. seems to be releasing exclusive music, almost like the Apple Records record label would. It seems ironic to me.
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