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It's all about user experience. Apps, if written well and efficiently, do not need more memory. Just throwing more RAM into a device does not solve anything, it only changes the spec. However, more RAM would mean potentially an app not needing to reload with app switching; i.e. reloading a web site when switching from another app. 
You mean Apple Watch. ;-)  I'm on a Windows 'puter else I'd change that to the actual symbol. 
 Exactly what I was thinking. Does anyone actually own Bitcoin? Little fuzzy on that. 
I'm thinking this is kind of a smart dumb terminal for the iPhone. With that much storage, it could probably cache data without needing a network connection like BTLE. Or, yes, this could all be bogus conjecture.
F - Pony rides. 
You're right it's a goophone. Ridiculous
No, my point is that your point about it being another knockoff is obvious; since the product is not released. It wasn't apparent from your post that you thought the same. 
What made you think that? Maybe that the phone is not even released yet? /s
Looks like a redesigned iPhone 3GS.
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