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All I see are a couple of middle aged guys in serious need of a haircut. 
Agree, it's AR, but there is no hologram. That connotes an entirely different set of physics they didn't even address. Where's the interference pattern that is regenerated? Oh, it doesn't exist. The MIT media lab is still the only the only thing I have seen that actually generated a digital holographic video system using SAM. 
Now I feel like I need to go on a one man compaign to set the record straight how this isn't holography. At all. 
I had to reply to this because it really touched a nerve. This is not a hologram if you have to put something on your head. It's VR - that's all. A true hologram is what you see in Star Wars. That's not what they showed here.    Ironically, that is what they showed in the video, but it was a BS pipedream. 
I agree with you, and "good enough" is relative. Of course no one can anticipate every single use case. It's been my impression of Apple's approach is to take the average use case, ratchet it up many notches so that what you're left with is an above average experience. If they can achieve this with an AX ARM processor, more power to them and I see no reason why it wouldn't sell. I was just stating that they better not screw up what works as is.  However, I have PPC 2005...
"Good enough" won't cut it. It has to be equal or better than what the current user experience brings with Intel. Probably already been done - managers are probably just waiting for the AX series chips to come up to speed before actually considering RTM to the masses.
I saw on iMore from Peter C, we need a I saw on iMore someone said need 'Snow Yosemite'. Maybe the new name should be 'Snow Drift'. Anyway. 
That's cute to say, but in the real world, it doesn't work that way. Intermittent problems are just that. All I know is, my iPad Air 2 WiFi  connection with my 2011 iMac running Yosemite goes to sleep. Stops working. No, this isn't a weak signal issue. It's an odd corner case very difficult to reproduce at will. That's not conjecture. No, I have not filed a bug, because of the reasons you state. These kind of problems are usually odd manifestations of other larger...
Ethernet sharing over WiFi is broken and consistently falls asleep in Yosemite. Let's hope this is fixed.
My fatious meter is not going off but with all those goodies, just buy a MacBook Air and call it day.
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