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Is that Joanna Stern? I would assume no, but it looks like her.
Ok...we'll see 
"...one person tells TechCrunch that they almost stopped using their phone during the day..." Ok, this could extend the battery life of the iPhone since it's acting as source/sync over bluetooth for the watch. At least the comment said 'almost' stopped using.
This is sounding more and more like a MacBook Air with a Llightning charging port. iOS 8 was not designed to use a mouse.
Anyone notice the driver working with something he is apparently wearing on his head? He notices the camera then quickly stops adjusting it. Maybe some kind of heads-up display, similar to Google glass. While Glass was rolled out horribly from Google, the technology of augmented reality is interesting. Wonder what Apple is up to. 
When I am asked for two step verification on one of my other devices, one device listed is the one I'm using to verify. So, it seems kind of pointless if I can verify on the same device. I thought the point was to use another physical device. 
All I see are a couple of middle aged guys in serious need of a haircut. 
Agree, it's AR, but there is no hologram. That connotes an entirely different set of physics they didn't even address. Where's the interference pattern that is regenerated? Oh, it doesn't exist. The MIT media lab is still the only the only thing I have seen that actually generated a digital holographic video system using SAM. 
Now I feel like I need to go on a one man compaign to set the record straight how this isn't holography. At all. 
I had to reply to this because it really touched a nerve. This is not a hologram if you have to put something on your head. It's VR - that's all. A true hologram is what you see in Star Wars. That's not what they showed here.    Ironically, that is what they showed in the video, but it was a BS pipedream. 
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