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I like the conversion capabilities, but I wish it were customizable. It doesn't know what a mil is. Engineering conversions baked into Yosemite, or least the ability to add them, would be great. 
Yikes. This isn't working at all for me. I attach say a 3G mp4 to an email, and it locks up my iMac forever. I have to force quit out of mail. I haven't been successful sending any mail drop email., and when mail starts responding, the message just sits there in my draft folder, never sends. Trip to the discussion.apple.com might help.   
Dude, chill, I was agreeing with you.  Side topic: Software does effect performance more than you think. iOS8.0.2 on my first gen iPad mini is a dog. Let's hope 8.1 will fix it. Oh wait, you said that. 
There are so many variables here that contribute to performance it's hard to even know where to begin. Is Qualcomm to blame or Samsung with the 500Million software layers? Would be better to compare stock Android on this device with the same test rerun. That would at least tell you if the software is sucking too much from performance.
They will finally release that Mark Twain IIgs+.
Probably should have said "interesting" idea.
Windows 8: Good idea, terrible execution. Seems like the way this whole project was managed is design by committee. Once it was done, marketing probably had no idea how to educate people how to use it. The result is just a colossal lump of software no one can really optimally use.    The funny thing is, MS had the opportunity to start from scratch with Windows RT. No baggage of legacy code there, but instead they tried to mimic the desktop. Trying to design an interface...
Samsung Note 4 Plus in three, two....
I always hated that picture; it's so staged.
So why do so many people use it? I don't get it either, I hate it. All the bloggers on podcasts seem to use it I guess it supports group conversations. 
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