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F - Pony rides. 
You're right it's a goophone. Ridiculous
No, my point is that your point about it being another knockoff is obvious; since the product is not released. It wasn't apparent from your post that you thought the same. 
What made you think that? Maybe that the phone is not even released yet? /s
Looks like a redesigned iPhone 3GS.
The Far East.
That's always bothered me too. When he said, Eddie just sat there with a goofy grin on his face. Not impressed by Iovine's arrogance. He's basically saying Apple doesn't care how good it sounds as it works, but we all know that is BS. 
It ain't free if I get a new bill. I hate these apps that are free but all they show me is a login screen . Stupid. At least iTunes Radio is free with commercials. So is Pandora.
You mean the top right - the power button? There is no home button on the top left corner of the apple BT keyboard. 
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