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I can not believe how FUGLY these are!!! EEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!
these new ultrabooks are gonna be awesome.... to laugh at!!! hahahaaa
Just listened, Tim was the right pick. In a hundred years we may change the name of our planet from Earth to Apple.
A$$hole$ directed by Dick C. There, I said it again. They have been stealing taxpayer dollars for years. Still, I'm glad their buying iPhones with the money they stole from us...
As they should, Halliburton is a bunch of a$$h0le$ directed by Dick C.
1. Does anyone else dislike these new multi-colored percentage charts AI likes to use? 2. Tim Cook is the supply chain genius behind these incredible profit margins.
Yes it will be strange, I heard Tim Cook will be dressing like a woman and they'll be reenacting scenes from Chinatown while monkeys juggle on trampolines.
Hopefully the big textbook companies are currently hiring creative and dynamic people for their interactive books departments! The companies never had to manage video and interactive graphics before, so it may take a little time to get them to fully integrate modern content into these books. (by a little time I mean less than a year, I mean how long could it take?) Anyway, it seems to me that in order to produce an awesome history textbook, the publishers will need to...
1. You guys gotta get a new editor. (Way too many typos lately!) 2. I hope we get a 4s battery life fix. (I find it strange that nobody has been talking about the battery life issues on the 4s. (maybe it's somewhere in the forums, but I think it's bigger than that)). 3. I love Belgian beer 4. And when are we getting that first SIRI update everyone was talking about? (How Siri would be constantly updated to be smarter and stuff)
Maybe they're buying the New York Yankees?
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