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 I am quite disgusted with the fanboyism, but in the interest of fairness, I had a Bada phone two years ago, and it really and truly sucked.
 Stephen, is that you?
 The Mafia ripped off iPhone and iPad designs? I did NOT know that.
 Have you walked down the street lately? Around 95% of the adult populace wears a watch.
 Although actually, iPod nano was rather late to the game -- except for some missing features, this is DAMN close to a TI LED watch from 1975!
 I think you DO want to be insulting. I know I do.
 Yes, those TVs, tractors, ultra books -- all Google!
 OK, don't buy one then. A camera in a watch is very cool.
Since Apple does not have a wearable device of any kind, I am not sure what you mean. Are you saying Samsung is copying FUTURE Apple products. Pretty cool, if true.
 In most large organizations I had worked in, there was a hatred and contempt for the IT department, whose main purpose has always appeared to be to protect their own turf. (Smaller high-tech companies are run differently, and very technically savvy universities [Stanford, MIT] are too. "Normal" universities are not). Interesting, a battle I saw in many places involved the IT department's insistence on windows, and the end users' insistence on other things (Linux, OS X)....
New Posts  All Forums: