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Need help with something... post a reply or PM me if you speak Deutsch fluently. Thanks!
The bottom line is, instead of stating broad grammatical rules to criticize the author's competency, why don't you just politely point out the mistake?
According to the official rules, the $10,000 card is up for sweepstakes beginning February 11, 2010 and ending upon download of the 10 billionth song. You can enter by purchasing a song OR you can enter by filling out the sweepstakes form with no purchase necessary. No purchase necessary is required because otherwise it is considered gambling. The gift card doesn't go to the downloader of the 10 billionth song, but rather someone entered in the sweepstakes, selected at...
iSlate.com might have been more of a problem when Microsoft owned Slate (via MSNBC)...http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6741936/
I pulled my iPhone out of my front pocket last night and to my horror noticed the glass screen was shattered. My iPhone had been in its case, in the front pocket of my jeans the whole night... I never dropped it. How could this have happened? Has anybody else experienced a freak screen fracture like this?
Yes, and there's a reason AT&T's bandwidth is limited. Because they don't invest as much as they should in their network.
Op. Good call.
In the following image, a screen of Apple's website for the new Final Cut Studio just released today, you notice the trackpads displayed have a dedicated button at the bottom. It seems odd to me that Apple would use photos of non-current computers or photos of the white MacBook in their marketing. Is this just an old photo or is this possibly a slip up indicating Apple plans to re-introduce a dedicated trackpad button?
I'm not really suer I get your meaning.The stack doesn't expand until the icon is released, and quickly. That's because the tap-and-hold interface you're proposing is already being used to allow the user to rearrange icons.Don't assume I only have two (I although I do only have three). I too sort by category. Page 1 is core apps, page 2 is information apps, and page 3 is games.
While I do appreciate the good execution, I don't anticipate that this would actually be that useful. I mean, even with the stacks it's still two taps. With how it is now, if the app is on the second screen, it's still two taps. And I doubt anybody has three full screens of apps that they use really frequently.
New Posts  All Forums: