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My mistakes were mechanical (typos, not grammar) due to not proofreading my forum posts at 1:09am. The writer's errors were grammatical and structural. Regardless, published content is typically held to a higher standard than forum dribble...
Sorry, but this is bugging me:Apart from that sentence being a horrendous run-on, adverbs and their predicates shouldn't be separated by a subordinating clause. Additionally, the "but not always" clause is unnecessary because "often" implies that an occurrence is not "always." One could say "not the silver Mercedes SL he's often known to drive to work." This gives the idiomatic meaning that people familiar with Steve know he usually drives his silver Mercedes SL to work....
iTunes is the front end. It's like a web browser-- It can visit multiple websites. Software update is Apple's servers. Activation is AT&T's servers.
Do you have iTunes 8.2?
Longer than if you don't... Batteries are most stressed out when you discharge the completely, especially if you don't recharge it immediately. It's recommended, however, that you do use your battery occasionally... every couple of weeks to a month should be fine. But basically, battery health is based on charge cycles most rather than time. The more complete charge cycles (fully discharged and fully recharged), the worse your battery's capacity will be.
Generation V? I don't think that's an actual term... I believe it's the "Baby Boom Generation."
I don't know why you're trying to be so condescending. I've been a member of AI for over four years and I have 2,556 posts to the forums. Like I already said, it's not that I disagree with the content of the article– clearly I prefer Macs– I just think the manner in which the news is presented is laughably hyperbolic and somewhat biased.
I don't generally disagree with AppleInsider's anti-PC or pro-Mac positions, nor can I say that I think it's inappropriate given the context of the website, but the propagandized tone of some of their articles can be laughable if not even absurd at times. Also, "flamboyant panache" is redundant as "panache" by definition indicates flamboyance. That is all.
I have a Cinema Display, but I don't know if it's practical to bring to college... my guess is it would just take space on my desk, and I'm guessing most of the time I would use my laptop wouldn't be in my dorm room. Maybe I'll get the 15" with an extra battery. I really do like the idea that the battery lasts for 1000 charge cycles though. It's really not so much the battery life that I like as the lifespan.
Hey yall, Is a 17" MacBook Pro too big for college? I really like the fact that the battery in the 17" model has a longer battery life and life-span, but I'm a little worried it will be too big and unwieldily for college. Anybody have experience or advice?
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