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Surely quotes of his posts exist, however.
375 or 364
A couple points of interest:1. What is Socialism?1. How was the $700 billion dollar bailout not socialism?2. How is social security not socialism?3. How is any government regulation not socialism?The fact is, socialism is everywhere and is a big part of making capitalism work. Karl Marx was wrong, socialism is not an intermediary step between capitalism and communism. Socialism is quite a bit like democracy and the idea of a "republic."Why is "socialism" so bad?...
Yep. It will be fun to see when exit polls show Obama ahead by 10 points in Ohio, but McCain mysteriously wins by 3 points because Diebold wasn't able to remove their viruses in time.
Really?Obama is projected to win by a landslide by every major projection.For example: http://www.fivethirtyeight.com/This election is nothing like the 2000 and 2004 elections.
1. Voter fraud doesn't occur until the fraudulent votes have been cast.2. The fake voter registrations by ACORN don't represent people that are actually going to vote. They represent imaginary people created to fill quotas. No impact on the actual election.3. Numerous studies have shown that there is not widespread fraud due to faulty voter registration.4. How about Republicans taking voters off the roles based on home foreclosures... or any other reason they concoct?...
Tell me what the difference between the following is:Books 1-7 of Harry Potter, 4195 pages versus "There was a young wizard who survived an killing curse by a dark wizard named Voldemort. The young wizards likes Quiditch. The young wizard's name is Harry. His best friends are Ron and Hermione. There's also Dumbledore too. Harry defeated Voldemort."
I agree with you, but what's with all of the emoticons? lol
Also, FloorJack, consider the following: During the Democratic primary, Obama was running against an opponent, Hillary Clinton, that would have been equally historic, if elected. Now consider that the majority of the electorate are women rather than black. Surely women would choose Clinton over Obama by default. But Obama was able to win, and do it across many demographic lines, indicating that people weren't voting for him because of race. Your argument that the...
There you go again, making an overgeneralization.Why wouldn't they just go home, change, and come back? Because they didn't want to. Clearly they were three friends that had determined to make their voting trip somewhat of a social event. The following is just speculation, but since you don't seem to be shy in offering your speculation, I guess I'll provide some too: they might not have worn a coat because they wanted to showcase their Obama t-shirt, but didn't know the...
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