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Here's another story, this one is well documented, also from FiveThirtyEight:
If there's one thing that pisses me off more than anything about politics, it's liberals making overgeneralized comments about conservatives and conservatives making overgeneralized comments about liberals.If you really want to get into race, let me point out that just as many "conservatives" will not vote for Obama because of race as "liberals" will vote for Obama because of race. That being said, it's not a lot of people on either side. The fact is, people have better...
Although copy and paste would be *nice*, it's not crucial for me. I'd put it three on my list. OF THE ITEMS ON THE LIST: 1) GPS Turn-by-Turn Directions 2) Landscape keyboard Universal (I guess this fits under "Landscape mode for email") 3) Cut and Paste 4) MMS 5) User-replaceable battery Explanations: 1. To have your iPhone's screen off but with announced turn-by-turn vocal directions would be really nice. Looking at your iPhone's directions can be a...
On the new Cinema Display Homepage
Really? None of the moderators or admins are going to explain what the hell this means?
Although I'm excited that we're seeing historic voting trends, I fear that early voting may make it harder to detect election fraud, if that becomes an issue... that exit polls won't accurately represent early voting, or that it gives more time for people to screw around with ballots and whatnot.
There is no such thing as a great recession. If it's bad enough to be titled "the great" it's a depression.
Trumptman: do these shenanigans lower your opinion of McCain?
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
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