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I honestly don't understand you. {Ad hom removed}
The fact is neither McCain nor Obama support nuclear power specifically more than the other except the fact that Obama supports alternative (not fossil fuels) energy more than McCain. The Obama campaign admitted that to accomplish their goals, they will likely have to rely on nuclear energy. Safe and clean are essentially words used to appease people who are afraid of nuclear energy. And let's face it... while nuclear is very economical at the current point, it has the...
Keep the black, but I prefer the style and format of the date in the second (grey) one.
P.S. – Trumptman, you had better not ignore this. You're always complaining people don't post facts. Here you are.
TRUMPTMAN:Statement:At a town hall meeting Wednesday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sen. John McCain repeated a standard line from his stump speech in support of nuclear power, telling voters that it's "clean and it's safe and we can recycle — excuse me — reprocess and we can store. My opponent is against nuclear power. … "The Facts:Sen. Barack Obama tells crowds that his policy "as president, I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology and find ways...
Actually... Murdoch has expressed a modicum of support for Obama.
You like McCain's position better? And doesn't it scare you shitless that McCain, who would be one of the oldest presidents in history, would pick someone (Palin) who has zero foreign policy experience, and actually... hasn't even had a passport until just a year ago?What about Obama's health care plan do you dislike? Even though it increases spending on health care, Obama's budget pays for it while still reducing the deficit. Unlike Hillary's plan, it's not required......
Going to consider voting for Obama then?On a side note, I don't see how you, as a teacher, could condone any presidential candidate (John McCain) that supports No Child Left Behind.
If McCain manages to keep the election within the "margin of error" (so to speak, I'm not talking about specific numbers here) by election day, stealing the election would be possible.The two bits of solace Obama has regarding election fraud are:1. Obama may have enough swing states that don't have the same potential for fraud to win the election without those trigger states like Florida and Ohio.2. Although Diebold creates, owns, maintains, and has complete control over...
In the Gallup daily tracking polls, McCain's lead has diminished by no less than one point per day, and by that count, it will be down to 1 point today. McCain is by no means "pulling away," although I do agree that Obama doesn't not "have this in the bag."
New Posts  All Forums: