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"Still" wasn't terrible, but it won't be effective to the demographic group he's needs to win to win the election.
POSITIVE Video montage of youth through their development, for example:Clip of cute baby smiling in a their mothers arms Toddlers wobbling around Children running out of school bus Kids birthday/blowing out candle Kids playing in a pool/kids playing in a park/swinging on a swing Kids doing a school play/performance Girl performing solo (singing) Clips of high school athletics (i.e. football game, baseball game, track meet) Clips of teens skateboarding, on roller coaster,...
By the looks of that face, I'd guess it was McCain that was on his Knees.
In THIS election, what are the primary reasons for why you're voting for either McCain or Obama? (or another candidate, I suppose...??)
I wouldn't call Daisy the best "attack ad" so much as the best scare-tactics ad.
Thank you, Hurricane Trumptman.
Any threat of legal action or take down notice yet? If not, it's fake.
Apart from the joke, Trumptman: are you going to vote for Obama now that Palin is on the McCain ticket?
You can do it with Usergroup Promotions. Set the registered usergroup so it's posts are moderated and then promote users with 10 approved posts to a usergroup with more permissions (i.e. no moderation). That's the best I can think of for now.
It's very very simple: moderation for the first 5-10 posts.
New Posts  All Forums: