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I don't mind the dark grey font so much, but the white text on light grey background is almost unreadable.Overall the site looks good, although the design isn't very original looking.
Where are you trumptman and sslarson?
Glad to be of assistance.
And therefore Obama will win the REAL election.
Shouldn't the republicans be the ones "kicking ass?"
Actually, Obama had the largest bounce from a convention in the history of the Democratic National Conventions.... 8 points according to Gallop.
Why do you not support a national ID? It makes tons of sense from a technology and infrastructure standpoint.
There is a very simple solution: moderation of all new users. The end.
But their resumes are unequivocally not the same. Palin has absolutely no experience on a national level as Obama does. And wether or not someone is ready to lead or does not have to do solely with experience as the McCain campaign would have it. It has to do with a variety of things, no doubt including experience, but more importantly, leadership, creativity, intelligence, charisma, good oratory skills, life experience (versus political experience), etc. McCain will...
I think Palin is a very risky choice, especially considering McCain's age. Although Palin does do a few things to help strengthen the ticket:Attact undecided women voters Improve McCain's "Maverick" mantra Offer a youthful facet to the campaign Solidifies Alaska as solid republican state in a year where it may have been possible for Obama to win. ...she also creates some powerful contradictions for the McCain campaign:Hillary Clinton's feminist supporters backed her...
New Posts  All Forums: