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Agreed, as soon as Tim Cook said the future of TV is apps, my heart sank. Why couldn't this just be released as a subscription bundle via iTunes?
Let's hope it does. Ad supported content delivery is seriously hindering next generation TV. Reverting to a user pays model means networks can concentrate on quality of content and leave the delivery to the likes of Apple.
So emulating Android's performance-hindering local AOT compilation model is the way forward? I'd say they're more likely to implement another universal binary system perhaps with a store-level code portability option for lazy developers.
Oh, what a gift for DED! And after the BMW/Sony debacle it's good to see bond back on track.
Hands off!I hate the app model but whatever she's selling, I'm buying. She could have presented a pineapple with cocktail sticks shoved in it and I'd have been sold!
The genius worth protecting is in the design (the thinking), not the programming (the doing). Though you have a point in that most software is actually designed by the builder so isn't worth protecting - it also rarely works well enough to be useful.
Turn unlock on. Failing to perform an unlock gesture correctly but still unlocking your phone is a fail. A bit like keeping your fingerprints in an unsecured file in an accessible location. Definitely a Samsung product!
So you think this is the same because the finger touches the screen and unlocks the phone with a swipe? You realise "swipe-to-unlock" is just the name of the invention, not the invention itself?Where's the part where the finger has to track a specifically defined path with graphical feedback and deviation from which causes the action to fail?I think if you simplify anything enough it looks the same as something else.
I've come to the conclusion that those who are incapable of innovation are also incapable of recognising it. Why would they be able to?
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