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The genius worth protecting is in the design (the thinking), not the programming (the doing). Though you have a point in that most software is actually designed by the builder so isn't worth protecting - it also rarely works well enough to be useful.
Turn unlock on. Failing to perform an unlock gesture correctly but still unlocking your phone is a fail. A bit like keeping your fingerprints in an unsecured file in an accessible location. Definitely a Samsung product!
So you think this is the same because the finger touches the screen and unlocks the phone with a swipe? You realise "swipe-to-unlock" is just the name of the invention, not the invention itself?Where's the part where the finger has to track a specifically defined path with graphical feedback and deviation from which causes the action to fail?I think if you simplify anything enough it looks the same as something else.
I've come to the conclusion that those who are incapable of innovation are also incapable of recognising it. Why would they be able to?
A good time for Apple to buy back their own stock?
I was just commenting on the headline, if true, it's pretty self-explanatory. Fewer things better is why I buy Apple products.
You can tell by the mobile OS they choose. These are the same people who think a quad-core device with GPU decode will play a 1080p stream better than a single-core device with GPU decode. Or that App-centric content is better than a content-centric App.
Of course Pay is the killer app for Watch. Hopefully Apple will realise that to prevent Watch from fizzing out they'll pull finger and rollout Pay more aggressively & globally.
Even in NZ 1000 seats isn't representative of the professional community. We're a spendthrift bunch at the best of times and masters of the false economy. If they're SMB users you'll be hard pressed to find an Apple logo anywhere off an iPhone. In my business meetings MBAs & iPads are still the rage (though again not really representative of all pro seats) All that aside, are SP3s and other smearable PCs really being used as tablets? Or was it just the slightly cooler...
I always thought that Governments should be afraid of their people. Who else thinks this is just a plausibility ploy? That the NSA already have the encryption cracked (especially from the NSA data collection agency formerly known as Google) and are just spreading a false sense of security among the bad guys?
New Posts  All Forums: