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Home sharing is crap. Took ages to read and split local content from remote? Even the first gen ATV got this right (aggregated when the iTunes library was available). Peer streaming should be inherent because streaming from iCloud is just nuts when your machine's in the next room. Needs work Apple.
Great news! Lower bit rate is better for customers due to lower data consumption. Of course quality reduction cannot be assumed (unless your an Android or Windows user in which case you'll want to) as this is also dependent upon the CODEC used. A good example is the move from 720p to 1080p with ATV2-3; where rather than increase the bitrate Apple increased the h.264 profile from main to high. Let's hope it's 256Kbps HE AAC then they'll be running at higher quality than...
It's a stiffer approach to "homing in".
Cracking product (I have it for iPad & will be checking out the iPhone version soon). It really highlights that functionality is only relevant if delivered via good design. Pixelmator team have it, Adobe really don't, you'd expect the opposite. I want to see more/all of the features available as an extension though.
"The car is the ultimate mobile device, isn't it?" No. The JetPack2.0* is the ultimate mobile device and I'm still waiting for Google to pull mine out of their arse! (* not 1.0, that will have garbage collection issues causing Android to stall and the customer/victim to fall out of the sky - ironically causing real garbage collectors to rush in to clear up, tripping over the open source contributors rushing the other way.) GOOGLE, WHERE'S MY F'ING JETPACK! Apple won't...
Quick Developers, flock in your droves to write for a device...which nobody wants to pay for!
$3bn for the smallest service (or is that iTunes Radio). They must have high hopes.
It's sad that our view of the Professional Mac-user is so limited. This appears to be a Prosumer device and if it runs general business/consumer software well then it's fit for purpose. Perhaps it's an indicator that Apple have confidence in greater Mac Enterprise adoption.
Not NVMe related but http://barefeats.com has some newer Flash benchmarks.
Where's my AppleTV App for my iPhone/Pad which allows in-app subscriptions for all AppleTV "channels" and allows me an AirPlayable, seamlessly integrated UX for the lot?
New Posts  All Forums: