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Quick Developers, flock in your droves to write for a device...which nobody wants to pay for!
$3bn for the smallest service (or is that iTunes Radio). They must have high hopes.
It's sad that our view of the Professional Mac-user is so limited. This appears to be a Prosumer device and if it runs general business/consumer software well then it's fit for purpose. Perhaps it's an indicator that Apple have confidence in greater Mac Enterprise adoption.
Not NVMe related but http://barefeats.com has some newer Flash benchmarks.
Where's my AppleTV App for my iPhone/Pad which allows in-app subscriptions for all AppleTV "channels" and allows me an AirPlayable, seamlessly integrated UX for the lot?
Does anyone know how the respective industries have responded to these apps? They sound like the things we'd hoped iPads would be used for but is 5 years too late? Did it give IT1.0 a chance to get their usual counter-productive hooks in?
Wow. Did Jony find the keys to the pie fridge?
What a tragic inferiority complex you have! I don't live in the USA and all of my Mac using colleagues and friends are also based outside of the US. I'm with "Suddenly Newton", sure I can tinker but most of the Mac users I know want a business or consumer-class product - not a hobbyist product.If I, or they, wanted to play, we'd chose a non-Apple product.
Presumably not a single review as no reviewer could be qualified to know what "good" is across such a broad range of subject areas. The most productive apps are incredibly simple and to the point and easily lost on those who aren't the intended user.Nobody in IT would be qualified to make a valid assessment.
I don't have sight of what other IBM services are necessary but this is definitely the way to go; robust productised software with (what appears to be) high-level customisation. I thought about getting an app design through my current company but decided against it as there was no evidence of it not being totally compromised by IT practice before landing in the users' hands. One of the biggest benefits of this partnership I can see is how it could circumvent current IT...
New Posts  All Forums: