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Unlikely as their optic nerves are detached and all impulses need to route via an official ad matching engine to maximise revenue. For Android users, all reality is augmented.
Nah, 32GB's a "tweener". You're either happy with your 16GB facebook'n'photos backed up and spilling off to a $1/month storage plan. Or you want to mess with video which requires more app & local data space. Loss of the 32GB prevents a half-arsed user decision failure.
Not really. The patent was filed in 2008, more than long enough for Samsung to copy it and slap something together that never works well.It would be a great way of Apple to get their clueless and innovation-incapable competition to run around in circles though.
Ah. You're confusing Telecom carriers/operators for the companies generally in the telco business being referred to here. Though I'm pretty sure they baulked at Apple's entry into the handset business, especially when they tried to take more control of the service/UX.
Are GM really the Apple of the car industry? If he were a BMW or Mercedes exec he may have a point. Doesn't he know that 11% probably sounds great to a lot of Android licensees who occupy the equivalent market position?
Some of it must have worn off!
So Apple are now responsible for your inability to read?How would you word this "we're not like Dropbox" marketing? Should they also add other services they're not like? Here, I'll start you off;"And for the assumptive idiots out there..."(By the way. Apple services used to be able to share files across the web 15 years ago, it was just a crap idea)
Here's an example of one how one of their public services works by Googles selling data literally to the highest bidderhttps://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704424?hl=enI'm sure their service portfolio extends well beyond this especially as clicks haven't translated well to taps.
So one eye was looking at a low-res display while the other was looking at...a keypad?That's the thing about anything Google, it just smells of shit & excuses.
Nonsense, Apple are a solutions integrator (hardware/software/services). Much of their hardware is premium off-the-shelf with some proprietary IP to hold it together& most of their advantage actually comes from software.
New Posts  All Forums: