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Valid point, do we have any details about Tags/Smart Collections or Moments?
This can't be released soon enough. It would be great to see some local cloud/time capsule integration as I'm sick of waiting for AppleTV to play videos from the cloud when the original instance is on the local network. This would probably be a good private option too. How well does it support extensions (or rather which extensions support it) so far? That will be the killer feature for this product
Will it have "kick me" written on the back of the head band? Or is that a given?
The fastest Core-M (Y-series) underperforms the current line-up & U-series starts at 15W so not sure they'll drop down.That screen casing looks bulky!
Isn't this just he tip of the iceberg? Part of a joint project between MS & Google combining a stereoscopic HUD, a digital assistant and a jet pack? Tinman or something, apparently the brainchild of, well, a of comic-reading child. Google, where's my f***ing jet pack!
So Mr Chen wants smartphone vendors to collude to fix functionality market-wide, removing their competitive points of difference and reducing customer choice? Why would this not ping every anti-competitive regulator around? I get that lowest-common-denominator SMS messaging needs the bar raised but I wouldn't want to dilute the excellent system for smart people I actually want to communicate with that is iMessage/FaceTime.
Surely the real winner here will be Nvidia. The K1 Denver seems to have the only viable pre-throttled single-core performance to challenge Apple. Not sure how well it does outside of a tablet though. Then again Android licensees don't ship many iPhone-class devices that warrant Snapdragon 8xx processors so probably not an issue.
I thought that was humour! Liked it.
I used to think Apple would never catch up but here in the provinces (New Zealand) Apple maps is now a better product. Over the last few months we've had 3D views of all inner & outer suburbs and commercial data which matches (& surpasses) google maps. For us, the only advantage google maps has over Apple is preconception.
Firstly, Apple isn't arrogant for deciding what their products should/shouldn't do. Arrogance would be better defined as a blogger believing they know better.The reasons a switch from Intel would make sense are:Control of their own product: as they should. without being at the mercy of Intel.Performance: A8X has near parity with the i5-4260u on Geekbench.Power: MacBooks (the vast majority of Mac sales) are power-critical & Ax processors deliver better performance per...
New Posts  All Forums: