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Or they're re-aligning the prices within the range to make Retina standard as opposed to premium.  If Retina component costs have come down this would make sense.  This way they could slide the cost down over time as opposed to stinging customers with high pre-WWDC pricing then dropping $500 the day after.   Or it could just be that nobody's buying them.
Apple should have transitioned to SSD with the new iMac range last year. Baseline at 128GB with options to increase SSD capacity or go Fusion. Jobs is truly gone.
So it does make a difference or it doesn't make a difference?  It's not immediate but use one for a while then go back to non-Retina.  After an afternoon with an rMBP I can hardly look at my iMac anymore.   I think Illustrator has but not AE.
Shame that he thinks Apple are capable of nothing more than upgrading with standard components.  I'm wondering if the timing is important.  Cook mentioned new products in the fall and this seems to coincide with both new silicon but also new software (OSX10.9).   Sure Apple needs to roll out Haswell CPUs & 802.11ac just to keep in the premier league but SSDs work so much better than HDDs and once tried there's no turning back from Retina displays, they make other...
    That's because Apple would integrate the technology properly & usefully (as OS-level) unlike any other hardware manufacturer can.  This seems to relate to the other post about virtual trackpads etc.  maybe they're waiting for OSX10.9 to be announced.   McD
Yet China has no problem with it.  That's the land of the free for you!
What? Cheaper things sell more? Never!
SAY NO TO ATV APPS!!!   Sorry but it's the wrong way to go. TV is meant to be simple/consistent and an app-for-every-network is the wrong way.  Keep the media delivery consistent and pack content through it or even create defined media channel types (for sports + stats vs movies + subtitles vs cooking + recipes etc.).    Keep the intellience on the super-interative controller in your hand and dumb down the panel/stb.  AirPlay isn't the final solution but gives us...
The support thread doesn't have that many unique posters just the same people going round & round.
Not at 190MB/sec it doesn't. Not sure about this product as it seems to offer poor TB performance but still at a premium price. Perhaps using hybrids would have made sense for this one.
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