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So Apple are now responsible for your inability to read?How would you word this "we're not like Dropbox" marketing? Should they also add other services they're not like? Here, I'll start you off;"And for the assumptive idiots out there..."(By the way. Apple services used to be able to share files across the web 15 years ago, it was just a crap idea)
Here's an example of one how one of their public services works by Googles selling data literally to the highest bidderhttps://support.google.com/adwords/answer/1704424?hl=enI'm sure their service portfolio extends well beyond this especially as clicks haven't translated well to taps.
So one eye was looking at a low-res display while the other was looking at...a keypad?That's the thing about anything Google, it just smells of shit & excuses.
Nonsense, Apple are a solutions integrator (hardware/software/services). Much of their hardware is premium off-the-shelf with some proprietary IP to hold it together& most of their advantage actually comes from software.
It's on their 10K, read the post.
You realise Apple invented UX before it was coined UX? For them the technology always served the design. Though you are right, they never seemed to translate that well from products to services.Perhaps people who design their own services, should write their own software, should make their own hardware.
Nice piece which addresses Apple's real issues. iCloud has 2 key issues in my book; it's performance is totally dependent on your internet connection & people can't see beyond files in folders on drives. When played back on my ATV; my gorgeous, 25Mbps 1080p videos of the family delay & stall on my 12Mbps internet connection, infuriating when I know at least one of the devices on my home network has the video! Also, I got PhotoStream's idea of keeping photos by exception,...
He has already, just install Google Chrome or any other Google spyware. They sell data to the highest bidder & judging by their last 10K filing the biggest contributor to their bottom line was a tax break from the U.S. Government.So your mis-guided sense of patriotism can be invoked/revoked as YOU CHOOSE (even if those options are pre-determined)
He doesn't, he exercises his RIGHT TO CHOOSE how his products work. You exercise your RIGHT TO CHOOSE them or not.You do realise your obsession with the RIGHT TO CHOOSE from is itself unnatural and the result of brainwashing right?
On the contrary, I'd say Pixelmator and some of the other plugin specialists could do very well by providing cheap extensions via the Mac App Store, especially if Apple has a promo section.
New Posts  All Forums: