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Nice piece which addresses Apple's real issues. iCloud has 2 key issues in my book; it's performance is totally dependent on your internet connection & people can't see beyond files in folders on drives. When played back on my ATV; my gorgeous, 25Mbps 1080p videos of the family delay & stall on my 12Mbps internet connection, infuriating when I know at least one of the devices on my home network has the video! Also, I got PhotoStream's idea of keeping photos by exception,...
He has already, just install Google Chrome or any other Google spyware. They sell data to the highest bidder & judging by their last 10K filing the biggest contributor to their bottom line was a tax break from the U.S. Government.So your mis-guided sense of patriotism can be invoked/revoked as YOU CHOOSE (even if those options are pre-determined)
He doesn't, he exercises his RIGHT TO CHOOSE how his products work. You exercise your RIGHT TO CHOOSE them or not.You do realise your obsession with the RIGHT TO CHOOSE from is itself unnatural and the result of brainwashing right?
On the contrary, I'd say Pixelmator and some of the other plugin specialists could do very well by providing cheap extensions via the Mac App Store, especially if Apple has a promo section.
Nice idea but the former would need too much industry buy in for little return and the latter limits the target market too much.Even when Apple adopted VESA MDP in MacBook Pros it got labelled proprietary. If they were going for the 4K market and other DP standards are powered, that could work.
I get an always-on device like Airport/AppleTV as a connected-home server but I don't see Siri as the primary interface. Am I meant to shout downstairs to open the bedroom curtains? AppleTV hardware should be added to Airport devices along with; UFB/VDSL modem, iCloud/iTunes local caching & delivery to an official AirPlay dongle or branded set. Control? A home screen/watch App.
Easy Tiger! Kids read this blog (& comment)
Valid point, do we have any details about Tags/Smart Collections or Moments?
This can't be released soon enough. It would be great to see some local cloud/time capsule integration as I'm sick of waiting for AppleTV to play videos from the cloud when the original instance is on the local network. This would probably be a good private option too. How well does it support extensions (or rather which extensions support it) so far? That will be the killer feature for this product
Will it have "kick me" written on the back of the head band? Or is that a given?
New Posts  All Forums: