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Does anyone believe anything Google says anymore? What they should have asked is; as google have failed to transition web ad revenues to mobile & desktop clicks aren't yielding the same dollars, where do those increasing profits now come from? When did Samsung get a good OS?
1). Possibly not though we were focussing on POS in this forum and here iBeacon has more to offer than NFC which is limited to "Near".2) Never said it did, never referred to BLE as iBeacon. Currently, iBeacon is built on BLE.iBeacon is just a software update for Android users...oh, I see your point.
As I acknowledged in my original post though I haven't checked the specs of the most popular terminals for BLE compatibility.
I'm hoping iWatch is a continuity device; able to 'borrow' functions from an iPhone maybe via the Extensions framework (via a custom Extension format or hijacking the notification centre Extensions). Now that would be something. McD
So the guy next to me on the train can read my messages more easily tha I can? Genius!
Half-expecting a surface-to-air launch…
So you think a technology which does more and encapsulates everything another technology does isn't more advanced? How so?And BLE is more widely deployed, even on Android.
So what's the news here? It seems more of an appliance than a smartwatch and watch appliances have been using sapphire crystal for a while.
Actually, it has. We've spent more millenia in anarchy than not and we're still here. It's the arrogance of civilization which has brought us closest to the brink.Anyone else get the feeling it's the anarchists who probably wouldn't last too long if they ever got their wish?Sorry, leaked soft porn just before a major Apple announcement...hmmm...
Is iBeacon proprietary? Apple already have a high-volume B2C transaction service - the App Store.
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