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Web technology is a solution to nothing. I guess it makes sense to plug our kids into the Googleverse early so their perception of the 'world' can add to Google's revenues like everyone else.McD
Android's so inefficient everything screams for processing power. Apparently half as much with the next release. Until they shift from half-native to true native that'll always be the case.McD
You're right, no one approach can be better for everyone but this one is better for almost everyone. Take those MBA owners for example; once their photos and video media are backed by iCloud they can enjoy their current/favorite media cached at full speed on their SSDs with no management required. All physical storage eventually fills up requiring the headache the MBA users are experiencing so you get there sooner or later unless you move to a better Info Mgmt concept....
B-b-b-but it can't be fast because it's not Quad/Octa-core! Surely it's the silicon your software can't see that counts! McD
Then don't use the cloud, stick them on a NAS device. You should have something in place for backup anyway. HDDs are a bad idea for any portable device and they hold back the design and performance of the entire Mac range. An iMac could go paper thin and spin indicators would be a thing of the past if not for the damn HDD.I don't mind being 'forced' into better, that's why I buy Apple products.
These things look ridiculous when people hold them up to their ears! They must be up to a 7" screen by now The great thing is that "New" Apple will probably take a few swipes at the inevitable design flaws that Samsung likes to drop in.
It would make sense that Android was the preferred platform of the kiddy-fiddler as they're just as loathsome as your common terrorist but with all the same custom security requirements and a bigger choice of video codecs which are optimised for grot and several "high end" Android devices are marketed as waterproof...…unless they were using the iPad as a lure in which case it would be more effective as; it's a familiar product with a high uptake in education, a broader...
Not at all, when given a choice consumers will always screw themselves, Android and Windows proves it. Why bulk up a product to suit the exception? Anyone with a decent information mgt regime can reduce the amount of local data to reap the benefits of SSDs. With OSX Photos being iCloud-based next year the requirement for bulk local storage is negated.
Select the ATV you want to AirPlay to.
I hope not. Don't redesign the UI, lose it. Rework the Apple Remote to be a service aggregator, maybe produce a 6" dedicated Apple Remote product but kill the UI.
New Posts  All Forums: