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Sounds more like disk image restore than permissions/disk repair but surely there's prior art for both. It would be funny if these clowns thought they were going to walk away with a bag of royalty cash but instead got their patent invalidated. Keep the patent laws by the way, without it us non-manufacturing countries would be bankrupt tomorrow. I wouldn't want to sacrifice our economy so we can steal a few movies. McD
Why not? Apple's (and everyone else's) Asia-only manufacturing strategy is an IP disaster as Samsung has proved. They'll diversify assembly to Brazil and a poor European country to limit exposure to IP theft, carbon output & political leverage. Turkey makes sense & a big deal would compensate for startup costs. While they're a it they should buy a fab for App processors & Flash production. McD
Ahh. That's so sweet. May be they can produce a scroll wheel overlay for Blackberries. Maybe they can stream funeral music as the clods of earth finally lay them to rest. McD
If anything the ability to spill data off to the cloud would drive most local storage requirements into the sub 256GB range, right into SSD territory. Roll on MacBook Airs! That said, Apple's media cloud strategy is incomplete - where's video? A local, thunderbolt/802.11n timecapsule would make sense. McD
I get that the carrier tie-in is more percentage-profitable for Apple but to rob themselves of such a larger customer base? I think Apple have got this very wrong. They'd be neck & neck with Android with a more conventional sales strategy & earning loads more. Their original plan failed to account for incumbent carrier lock-in.
Hmmm, running iOS4 my iPhone 3G feels pretty obsolete. iPhone 5 should be the ticket - I'm such a victim.
Whilst Apple have their cheque book out they should buy Samsung's semiconductor business for a special 'dont sue us so hard' price. That'd provide the end-to-end integration they're after with no supply dependencies or IP concerns. McD
"Thunderbolt will likely see more rapid adoption in the high-end video market." No kidding! Given it takes an SSD or multiple, striped HDDs which push the cost per GB way up it's never really going to be a consumer technology. McD
...and AppleTV !!!
How about the technology was alive, well and publically released in AppleTV while the student was still in high school and the year before iPhone was released? Apple should sue the guy for making GBP500K from their invention especially as they told him not to. McD
New Posts  All Forums: