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Why not burn the file onto a data DVD, take it to your friend's house, copy to their iTunes and temporarily authorise them to play it? - if it's a good friend you can leave the authorisation on. If it's a really good friend, forget the movie!I like the second point. Did anyone else notice the 'sleight of hand'? The way Apple got us to think so much about movies & pixels that the TV shows are now able to directly compete in quality with existing TV services? (iTunes is...
You should but it's THEM, THE OTHERS who think their 'personal use' is also their friends personal use, friends' friends, gnutella, the world... I'm sure you'd never dream of it which is why you're fine with DRM, you can make as many copies as you like coz only you can see 'em McD
Which is precisely why iTMS & iTV need to cover HD. Why buy an iTV when we already have cable & satellite DVRs for SD video? Apple has a small window of opportunity to use the internet/iTMS to beat other HD video services especially in countries outside the US where HD-TV deployment is still 6-12 months away. The competition could have lost the war before they fired a single shot. HD (& possibly BD playback) is the killer app for this product (broadband services...
Hmmm - iPod replacement? or Mac Nano?
No flaming required but I think a remote iChatAV client on my multi-funtional iPod replacement would be great. The problem with the all-in-one, do-everything computer is that it's all-in-one and my family can't do everything at once with it (& I can't afford multiple machines). Wouldn't it be great to 'peel' off the app windows from your iMac screen & drop them onto a little gizmo that changes it's appearance to accommodate them? Is all this posting just playing for time...
So, a winning combination of Wi-Fi AND Microsoft's legendary security! Maybe the easy connection's required to download all those security patches. If it could download tunes directly from a WISP hotspot...hmmm too complicated for the average punter. So it's downloading from a home system and to save battery life would probably need to 'activated' on the occaisions you want to connect - why not just plug it in? Wasn't one of the big advantages of the original iPod...
Perfect! So MS would sue Apple for reverse engineering their technology? Just as MS-DOS was a reverse engineered PC-DOS? I bet Steve would rather not stand up in court at all but oh for the chance to para-phrase Gates & turn his own 'with a we're guilty of the same thing' argument against him (re: the GUI-napping from Xerox). McD
Unsure about the audio but I've seen video chats between AIM & iChat3 - not great but the PC had a low-def webcam. I think it can only be instigated by AIM though. McD
The Apple comment, I didn't think I could get away with mis-spelling 'come' though. Oh dear, I seem to have the humour of a 15 year-old! I think I'm done with this thread - spent, so to speak.
Now that was 'The Good Life' in the UK, I'm afraid 'Neighbours' was a different class of program altogether - Melbourne suburban pointlessness. Though there's a definite lack of Felicity Kendal on iTMS McD
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