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I don't think the informed do but the average consumer may still get caught up.If Apple comes up with a cute campaign to explain that this years Windows upgrade only draws level (?) with Tiger of the year before last! If 10.5's boot camp is Vista compatible & the costs are right maybe; (white text top half of screen)"Your best Windows Vista PC upgrade" - fade in Apple logo on lower half. Hmmm, maybe leave it to the marketing types?
Most of the other rest of the market has nothing to do with Apple's target market so why include it! They don't have $500 notebooks for students/people-who-just-want-to-surf-the-web-and-email, they don't provide MS-Office workstations for corporates, they make excellent consumer-media creation & management systems and that's what I'm after. What are the gains in this sector? Relevant market figures only please!Sadly this is likely to be true and shows how dependant Apple...
Are 20 mediocre software packages better than 1 good one?
Well said! They should provide a generic GSM or UMTS phone with network specific software localisation (because phones of a standard don't automatically work 100% anywhere) and get them out the door! 12 months for Asia? Apple, Asia will have reverse-engineered your product in 6, skirted around the patented features and added a load of extras to compensate (I think gizmo-tastic works best in Asia) - deliver globally by June or forget it! McD
Whether it's an ultra portable, notebook or desktop Apple still have the same challenge - they're not seen as running Windows. They should be able to achieve major desktop sales growth, through cannibalisation, regardless of overall PC market trends. Apple have still failed to do what's required to make the halo effect a reality. Apple retail is good but it still assumes people have already made their choice to consider 'Apple'. The battleground is in the general...
I guess cerebral isn't the only masturbation on the cards then! 'Here flossy'
And I thought it was the Windows crowd who get sold down the river on irrelevent specs! All that bull about beefier processors and graphics cards is annoying cerebral masturbation & the implication that it's substandard technology will only deter sales to non-tech savvy potential customers (precisely the ones who should be buying it). They'll end up with a box, with higher spec hardware but a poor user experience and limited content, to sit in the corner. The only...
All valid stuff but cannibalisation is the key here. The iPod phone isn't a market generator (like the iPod was with the digital music player market) it will pull from existing music player & phone markets. The question is can it pull back lost iPod sales from people going for cheaper MP3 players (iPod market share is reducing) and capture phone buyers who want a better music option? Device consolidation could address some of the cost issues behind lost iPod sales but...
Though I've found it helps if the idea comes first & in tech products that's rare, very rare. One company does it well though. McD
Depends on the price-point but I think the vastly increased market the device addresses outweighs any negative sales through cannibalisation. Soon, please, soon.
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