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What? - I can only video chat with a few other people knowing there are millions out there? The IP approach (voice or video) isn't going to work unless the operators really want it i.e. low data costs & low latency & if it conflicts with their own services it ain't happening. McD
..I'm a transplant from the UK - dragged my cube over 5+ years ago - & no we can't play Rugby anymore it's just a town in England these days. Enough about the Aussie iTS, tragic they could annex a Kiwi store to it! I'm still using the UK one - but neither of us have TV Shows/Movies yet! To keep the dead thread alive - the iTS video quality may not be up to DVD quality but certainly compares with SKY digital satellite and I reckon the home/portable TV Show service is it's...
I didn't say that iPods are only bought in the UK - read it again. Apple sales in Europe are strongest in the UK (probably because we can also understand English, allegedly) our MP3 market is around twice that of France & six times that of the Netherlands - according to the Germans that is.As for being fine by being US centric, the US is only the second largest international PC market & likely to be third in the near future, they'd better wake up before MS go euro/global...
I was talking about the 'country' as run by 'Governments' I wasn't referring to the people, I'm sure they'll make up their own minds. The anti-iPod/iTS sentiment refers to the Dutch proposed tax which was probably a bit heavy-handed on my part as it was 18months ago, levelled at all MP3 Players (though I assume the iPod was a front-runner) & I'm not sure if it amounted to anything (they're not known for their extreme legislation). The French Government's recent anti-iTS...
I don't think this is an empty 'political' comment. Both countries have shown anti-iPod/iTS sentiment and the lack of TV Shows/Movies on iTS outside of the US will be down to local legislation as much as the content owners disallowing (why wouldn't they want more coverage in Europe?). Apple uptake in Europe has been excellent but it's largely in the UK so KLM & AirFrance may not have as big a demand from customers as the US carriers. I wonder how a Norwegian Airline...
OK so it puts the fledgling Movie service in it's place but surely the 5 million copies will take longer to reach the actual customers than 2 days? Isn't this just Disney fulfilling the pre-orders, and an effect of that supplychain model? It's like saying ABCs sold 12 million TV shows via iTunes in one minute because that's all it took to load onto the servers & the rest is just supplychain lag. Oh well - no iTunes Store in NZ yet so it's all academic to me. McD
Well, Macs do have minority appeal but maybe we need another angle. They never really promoted Bootcamp so maybe have Dennis cross-dressing to show the Mac can also go the other way - putting the 'Camp' into Bootcamp, or Nazi (y'know elitist minority) maybe in boots... ...Medic!!
I thought he was! The Brazilian one - was there anyone else in that ad?
What? In the rush to get to the store? Or maybe they should push the Mac Guy under a bus...to promote AppleCare, coz you never know! (or maybe rewind it with TimeMachine) Terrible ads & Apple selling the most Macs ever! Who'd have thought it?
Maybe I could clip in to my mobile phone?
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