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I don't think so but browsing rich content is a bit painful on an an old iMac G4 so it depends on the sites assessed. Has anyone got Amazon's phone number? McD (please sent iMac fund donations to....)
Good - we need more 3rd party updates delivered via software update. Flash & Windows Media also have a huge marketshare and while I tell any newbies considering a switch that they don't have a do a second install for security (probably negated by Vista now), they certainly have to do one for media playback. McD
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1148440]New NBC shows are surfacing in iTunes despite Apple's original protests. Also, Apple has reworked its online store to make navigation easier and further highlight its best sellers. Some new NBC shows appear on iTunes Even though Apple was adamant that new episodes of NBC's fall shows would not appear in the iTunes Store, the company has relented on its vow -- at least, for shows not directly produced by the TV broadcaster.QUOTE] If...
...why consumers shouldn't listen to hackers & technophiles trying to hijack a product to take it in their own direction. The hackers get what they deserve, the consumers are mugged again! McD
Just $2.5bn off HP's market cap. and this time with some legs to carry it through. McD
Similar feature coming soon to AppleTV? (snapshot regular TV?) Or at least snapshot purchases of iTunes New Music Tuesday podcast?
Napster!! Old mission statement: How to get songs and pay no money.....New mission statement: How to pay money and get no songs!! (Sorry I just read up on Virgin Digital's demise - poor saps!) McD
Of course, Apple are the retailer. They should have control over the price they sell things in their shop for. Especially as they've publicly admitted trying to push the prices downI'm not privy to the details of the negotiation but given everyone else has rolled their agreements over so I think it's NBC who tried to effect a change. This was always going to be a game of who needs whom the most - NBC tried it on & lost. Network content will come & go just as it does...
I have to agree only 50%. In the brave new world of TV devices like iPods, AppleTVs etc. will have an increasing part to play and NBC don't seem to be getting this. Because their view is content-centric, they really think all they have to do is put another website on the service and that's it. This isn't so as most of the TV websites' downloads are free catch-ups not purchases and who really wants to watch TV on their computer anyway? To NBC Apple's view will always...
But if it's on the torrent networks it must have been ripped as you're doing with DVDs
New Posts  All Forums: