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Unless I've missed something doesn't this happen anyway? I'm trying to get hotmail & yahoo mail to play nicely with OSX Mail and it's not pretty. This whole internet 'openness' thing was always a red rag to a bull & Apple are guilty (if a little smaller) than the rest. McD
Unless you're outside the US, in which case there's no TV show content on iTMS. The concept is definitely the next step in TV. Unfortunately Microsoft have the clout to rollout a more global model so once again Apple's great idea will be made a commercial success by someone else. With the US sliding down the ranks of global PC marketshare when will Apple learn? Unless they think bigger they really are just Redmond's R&D team! McD
Yeah, look how well all those other MS competitors are doing! LINUX has to be free to be popular.
Surely you buy Macs because of what they are. Steve Jobs makes them what they are. If Apple, with it's disasterous management & lack of direction at the time, sold MacOS to PCs in the 90s it would certainly have gone the way of Wordperfect under Redmond's Juggernaut of Pseudo-choice. Not even Steve could have turned that around. End to end solutions are what make Apple effective and therefore different to the other. It'll never be popular (too undemocratic) just...
If Adium can do it, why not iChat? I was hoping they'd even extend the interoperability to what passes for MSN & Yahoo video & voice chats (+ H.3xx for VC units) - you're chasing a moving target with the former but Macs & PCs are being pitched at eachother like never before. Apple should get their act together and start practicing what they preach with their 'standards based' technology McD
Or even a hack for existing mobile phones to run voice over bluetooth (lower latency - always better for International calls) - McD
We've been using VoIP on OSX since iChat AV beta! This extension would need to provide breakout to the PSTN or open up to other VoIP clients probably using the 'standards-based' approach Apple keep talking about. Knowing Apple the PSTN access will be resticted to the US only and 'standards-based' isn't 'standards compliant' (always annoying to know you're 95% of the way there!) so it'll be Apples talking to Apples again just like with IM. I'm not sure any other free 'VoIP'...
Er, no it isn't. Maintaining a TV quality video stream from anywhere except your local broadband provider is a near impossibility especially for a couple of hours to watch the movie or if the broadcast is popular. Buffering is just a way of admitting the internet isn't real-time and will always fall over when it tries to be. Downloading is simple; I click the subscribe button on iTMS, when I want to watch the show - there it is! If you're downloading from an illegitimate...
Nice idea! I'd be a fan of a 'multi-headed' Mac with OSX serving up compressed video & audio to smart 'heads' around the home, controlled by iPod-esque remotes. The specs seem to add up for streaming over WiFi except for when my girlfriend's hairdryer & next-door's power drill are in use. McD
Hopefully the device will try to be too broad in application & miss the mark or be tied to Xbox & restrict it's market (though I don't think so). MS have always been good at hijacking a good idea. Remember, VHS won the video format war through licensing of the technology & perception of choice. Hypothetically everyone got the right unit at the right price but actually we all ended up watching crap video for the next 20 years. They'll use Apple's proprietary DRM to paint...
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