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Then they'll get the real public opinion rather than a few whinging pirates (Grrr) who'll find another excuse not to buy anyway.
Any whinging from the UK? (except from Mr. H) Maybe the UK iTS should get all the video goodies and Apple should hold off the other countries until the campaigners die down?
Because it enabled the most successful legal dowload store to be set up?
And you've written a cheque to the music companies for all the songs you've downloaded? Come off it dacloo! I think you should have stopped after the 5th word! Non purchase of songs due to DRM is a lame excuse for people who were going to steal them anyway - it doesn't affect the majority of fair buyers (cue the usual comments about - Don't push me I'm an audiophile, bit-rate's too low, I like to configure my own audio system so I can convince myself I know what I'm...
1. Close Norway iTS (can't be selling that much anyway) 2. Add full TV, Movie content to the rest of the European iTS' to reaffirm usefulness 3. Wait for the 'lobby-to-reopen-the-Norway-store-because- we're-being-singled-out' to start campaigning 4. Re-open the Norway iTS (nah! just kidding, keep it closed!)Wrong Bjoern! It's the only approach that has worked, in fact you could say we didn't have a (legal digital download) music industry without it, and now you want to...
what is the actual performance comparison here? Surely if MacPro/Rosetta runs quicker than an existing PPC-based Mac it justifies the purchase now and when CS3 come out all the better. www.barefeats.com suggests anything less than a Quad G5 is going to be slower (http://www.barefeats.com/quad06.html) Sounds like this argument is coming from the finance dept not the IT dept McD
This could be Apple's undoing, is anyone else finding these stores are pushing customers onto other products with the old "it's got everything the iPod has and..(insert novelty feature that's only real use is to serve as a distraction here)" without even mentioning the iTS and usability? So while Apple can penetrate the retail turf of traditional consumer electronics they also fall foul of the commodity sale. I think the iPod will start to haemorrhage market-share this...
Could Boot Camp/Parallels be the Mac's first 'trojan' ?? McD
..they don't walk through the doors first! McD
Only two months and you're already calling it Windoze how's it feel to be awake? McD
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