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Because Windows is an independent product line, OSX is integral to help promote Mac hardware sales. They may both be OS's but they address their markets in different ways. Because the IT industry is primarily self-serving and it perpetuates itself by perceived complexity - remove that and it's dead. In fact move it's value proposition to 'enhance business productivity' rather than 'we need computers' and it's also dead which leads us to......because media departments are...
But d'you think that people will get it?... Just as iPhone is to Windows-based smartphones and iPod is to Windows Media-based Players so Mac is to Windows-based computers? McD
Zune 2 isn't the 'competitor' more the 'pretender' In fact most MS products are 'pretenders' (there must be one that isn't) They placate people who won't see past Microsoft and the only reason it will sell is because of AmazonMP3. Did anyone else notice that while we were looking at AmazonMP3 as an iTunes competitor it's also a real nail in the coffin for Plays4sure stores - good to get people off MS DRM lock-in not that the need much convincing. Didn't mean to go off...
Apparently buying a Zune also leaves a nasty taste in one's mouth McD
That developers, marketing people & everybody else at MS must gag when they have to put p-p-p-p-podcast capability in their products!! Love it!! McD
Brave words but you know a Symbian-fan frequents these boards. Probably spell-checking a vast response with hyperlinked references as I post. McD
Say that first sentence several times very quickly! - It's like Bilbo Baggins' exit speech in Fellowship of the Ring! You're an evil person!
I read "We can't write our own software - let's hope someone else can!" OK, yours is funnier! McD
I think the problem most people have is that the iPhone's legs are firmly shut! (And those who have raped them don't want to be held accountable) I'm not going for a second hand iPhone, it's only been out a few months & there's too much emotional baggage. McD
I don't think so but browsing rich content is a bit painful on an an old iMac G4 so it depends on the sites assessed. Has anyone got Amazon's phone number? McD (please sent iMac fund donations to....)
New Posts  All Forums: