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& so they should. Apps are GUESTS of the system, they are not the system. That way us consumers get apps that play nicely together, that don't stumble over each other and that don't drain system resources as if they are the only kid in the playground i.e. we don't get apps that are as precious and short-sighted as their developers! This is the real problem with Adobe they want to create a surrogate OS - a cuckoo! No thanks! Maybe they should release their own device. McD
Careful! From poverty & oppression terrorism is coerced. Now, who can we convince their being oppressed? (At least this century's terrorists have tans!) Back on topic, are we really just talking about the enclosure? What about software? Surely there's a case for saying you purchase the device when switched off so the 'look' counts? McD
Hang on, did I just ask Apple to become a truly global monster? I can't believe they haven't pushed iTunes Stores out to cover all 70 iOS App Stores! McD
But shrinking the OSX UI wouldn't work well so maybe replace it with one optimised for a smaller screen? And a miniscule physical keyboard would be poor to type on so how about a touchscreen instead?
Makes sense. They based the figure on previous Windows Tablet sales and deducted leakage from iPad McD
Hence Rumour Site McD
Apple could compete very well in the small business market with it's non-Xserve products but with so many servers now being hosted I can see why they would drop the bigger hardware. Maybe they should seriously look at using some of that NC data centre to provide fully hosted virtual OSX servers especially with business computing going so mobile. McD
This would be a shame because it means we would have slumped back into the 'hardware-specs-are-everything' regime which served only to distract consumers into buying the wrong platform. What each OS is able to do with those naked resources is inconsistent so this approach has no value & never did . Only system concepts and software design are important, everything else amounts to semantics. For me, forget iPad2. iOS 4.2 needs to untether the current iPad from iTunes to...
Marketshare is just a base metric. Your product's success depends on access to that marketshare. You cannot assume that Apple's App Store, Android Market or even free-range web downloads provide the same market access - they almost certainly will not. By product selection Apple's customers prove they're prepared to spend money, Android/Windows followers prove they do not. Android's "openness" allows circumvention & theft of Market, Apps Store does not & no, most people...
I guess the choice is clear. Do you want to buy the best product or the best idea? McD
New Posts  All Forums: