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The report's a bit off, iDisk dates back to iTools around 2000 but it was painful saving files directly over dial-up. Broadband & sync folders helped but files in the cloud are mutton dressed as lamb. iCloud Drive is lip-service because people are just thick; we don't get that the best management is no management. Most app data is totally proprietary and only works across different devices on the same app. For standards-based data common folders could work (you can create...
The new Safari & Spotlight searches bypass google and treat them as an also-ran. Liking that!
More likely a design/UX issue. Apple had to rebrand iCloud and open it up slightly so the public would get it but I suspect they aren't keen to revive iDisk for iOS as it would hamper getting users to see beyond the raw filesystem.
Unless they're pedalling extensions.
So this entire episode is just a case of lawyers drumming up business for each other under the thin guise of protecting public interest!
Please elaborate on these strings. What are they, why can't we see them?
What the suit is about is people who've bought those Sony Players not being able to play someone else's proprietary music format or host software. Industry-standard music formats always could be added to iTunes and I'm unsure Apple ever claimed iPods would work with other host software.These victims are victims of nothing more than their own assumptions.
That's not what the suit's about but...As long as Sony disclosed it would only play on Sony Players what's the problem? Proprietary tech isn't illegal, and it had to be purchased from Apple's store anyway what next? A lawsuit against Apple for OSXs inability to run Windows Apps?Too many assumptionists out there. Apple techs not for people who can't read.
I've answered your question directly, why won't you accept the answer.Never said heterosexuality was the one true way, they're your words.And, as usual, my "superiority" complex appears to be your "inferiority" complex- nice try. And what gives me the right to have my own opinion based my own experiences - well how arrogant of me. Perhaps you should practice the tolerance you expect and crave.In fact from your comments, perhaps your homosexuality isn't from coercion...
Experimentation is a conscious choice (I'd like to think) so not really what I'm talking about.I don't misunderstand genetic expression, only why it would be applied to such a prolific segment of society which mostly fails to pass anything on.Down syndrome likelihood dramatically increases in older women implying its influenced by environmental rather than purely genetic factors which would support my point. It also affects less than 0.1% of foetuses, most are electively...
New Posts  All Forums: