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Surely the real winner here will be Nvidia. The K1 Denver seems to have the only viable pre-throttled single-core performance to challenge Apple. Not sure how well it does outside of a tablet though. Then again Android licensees don't ship many iPhone-class devices that warrant Snapdragon 8xx processors so probably not an issue.
I thought that was humour! Liked it.
I used to think Apple would never catch up but here in the provinces (New Zealand) Apple maps is now a better product. Over the last few months we've had 3D views of all inner & outer suburbs and commercial data which matches (& surpasses) google maps. For us, the only advantage google maps has over Apple is preconception.
Firstly, Apple isn't arrogant for deciding what their products should/shouldn't do. Arrogance would be better defined as a blogger believing they know better.The reasons a switch from Intel would make sense are:Control of their own product: as they should. without being at the mercy of Intel.Performance: A8X has near parity with the i5-4260u on Geekbench.Power: MacBooks (the vast majority of Mac sales) are power-critical & Ax processors deliver better performance per...
Hey, Android sales depend on this idiotic thinking!Look, if Samsung & Xiaomi are allowed to get away with blatant IP theft then why can't these guys do the same? In fact didn't LG release an iPhone rip-off in exactly the same window between announcement & release in 2007?Apple's mistake is they think the vast majority of the public can appreciate or even identify the difference between a fake & the real thing. Android demonstrates that, mostly, we can't.
Now, now gents, we're all part of the same empire. And look what a monster it's become...
There is another large, internationally renowned corporation who turned a blind eye on its employee's practices which led to the physical & sexual abuse of many children over the last few decades. That corporation is the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). People in glass houses really shouldn't throw stones.
The report's a bit off, iDisk dates back to iTools around 2000 but it was painful saving files directly over dial-up. Broadband & sync folders helped but files in the cloud are mutton dressed as lamb. iCloud Drive is lip-service because people are just thick; we don't get that the best management is no management. Most app data is totally proprietary and only works across different devices on the same app. For standards-based data common folders could work (you can create...
The new Safari & Spotlight searches bypass google and treat them as an also-ran. Liking that!
More likely a design/UX issue. Apple had to rebrand iCloud and open it up slightly so the public would get it but I suspect they aren't keen to revive iDisk for iOS as it would hamper getting users to see beyond the raw filesystem.
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