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    That's because Apple would integrate the technology properly & usefully (as OS-level) unlike any other hardware manufacturer can.  This seems to relate to the other post about virtual trackpads etc.  maybe they're waiting for OSX10.9 to be announced.   McD
Yet China has no problem with it.  That's the land of the free for you!
What? Cheaper things sell more? Never!
SAY NO TO ATV APPS!!!   Sorry but it's the wrong way to go. TV is meant to be simple/consistent and an app-for-every-network is the wrong way.  Keep the media delivery consistent and pack content through it or even create defined media channel types (for sports + stats vs movies + subtitles vs cooking + recipes etc.).    Keep the intellience on the super-interative controller in your hand and dumb down the panel/stb.  AirPlay isn't the final solution but gives us...
The support thread doesn't have that many unique posters just the same people going round & round.
Not at 190MB/sec it doesn't. Not sure about this product as it seems to offer poor TB performance but still at a premium price. Perhaps using hybrids would have made sense for this one.
I hear the accelerometers cause the screens to auto-rotate the other way up there!
Which is why Apple don't trust it. Notice how FaceTime doesn't work over inadequate 3G networks, how iCloud doesn't try to address video and leaves photos to non-cloud storage and how they favour download/sync when everyone else is lauding streaming over that same poor infrastructure.
I'm pretty certain the iPads won't be proprietary hardware so they'll use standard 802.11n. As I understand it it's the mobile radios that are the issue. That sound you get over a HiFi system that's too close to a mobile phone is what the pilots get in their headphones, loads of 'em. Hmmm, odd decision. Given the appalling quality of streaming on the current wired LINUX in flight systems (too many hangs) streaming I've Wi-Fi sounds like a bad idea. Especially with a...
So Apple have been offering these features through a simple, central service before anyone else but they're lightyears behind? In truth Apple are the only ones committed to cloud services, everyone else is copping out with cloud file services or providing inappropriate cloud apps where natives should be.
New Posts  All Forums: