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 I don't doubt it (as I mentioned before) but is it statistically significant?  Is it enough to perpetuate the trait?
 You may have a point about intolerance being born of insecurity, who knows.  I don't have an issue with people being Gay, indeed I'm glad Tim Cook is - such campness & good dress sense would be wasted on a straight man. My opinions are, of course, from first hand experience (forgive the pun) as a young lad I realised what was happening to myself an others - I suspect many don't.
I didn't suggest it was a choice.
AML magnet.
Indeed, the all-important single-core performance of the K1-64 beats the A8X by about 5%. Unfortunately very little software runs natively on any Android device, it runs in a VM which is so inefficient Google doubled its performance this year. Given Android native apps are so rare and unoptimised for either hardware or screen size this whole hardware comparison is largely redundant.But fun.
Yes, even back then we covered dominance & recession, it turns out genetic expression is a sliding scale (of convenience perhaps).  In the case of homosexuality it's an odd one; it has to be recessive enough to permeate through the global population yet at the same time being expressed in an alleged 10% of the (male) population of whom very few will pass any genetic material on! If you could reign in the blind rage for a minute and read my post; your 2nd point has nothing...
You're missing the point; people don't buy Samsung because it's Samsung, they buy because it's not-Apple. As hard as it tries to be.
How can homosexuality be a genetic anything? For that to be true a significant proportion of infants would need to be sired/delivered by at least one homosexual parent. What proportion of infants do you think are born of; gay sperm donors, gay surrogate mothers or sham marriages - it's not the 50s!It's not nature, it's nurture. I think that's where the Russians are coming from; kids are groomed. Try this with a recent gay acquaintance:-Q: when did you first realise...
And Apple are changing their attitudes and product offerings for Enterprise which is a big mistake. Current enterprise IT practices (several of which you outline above) are disgracefully counter-productive and should be eliminated.Don't get me wrong, all corporate services functions mean well but are simply unqualified to grasp the destructive non-technical impact of their technical decisions. Decisions they should never have allowed to make. I'm afraid most Executives...
If there's no AirPlay, forget it!
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