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If there's no AirPlay, forget it!
It depends, if software shifts to a mobile first focus then native Mac Apps become far more viable as a key development barrier comes down. This should pave the way for higher OSX adoption. The procurement teams are being blinkered by corporate IT's desire to remain useful rather than pure numbers as Mac TCO is way lower than Windows.This has been the way for a while but IBM-endorsed iOS could be the catalyst.
They will care if the "Billions" stop buying the "GayPhone". Then again, such people would always have been Android customers anyway.I can't see how this announcement actually helps Apple.
The best on-demand solutions also include local caching so hopefully Apple can fudge the terminology to provide a useful solution.Rather than wasting time with per-episode rentals they really should have allowed user-bundled subscriptions & rent-to-buy options. Let's hope they leverage any new legislation more effectively.
Mistake not to add the iPhone6+ camera. iPhones make great impromptu cameras but iPads (with iMovie) are a one-stop consumer video solution. Big, but it's not like you're holding it to your ear.
Time to lose those A5/ sub-gigabyte devices as they fall out of the envelope for optimisation.
This thread is about Horsepower not Horsemen.  Though we'd love to cure disease and war it's only so we can feel clever, the result would ultimately bore us and they'd be back again.  Time to take a closer look in the mirror.
If all you wanted was to browse the web, why did you have a Mac in the first place? Just get an iPad. Perhaps if you'd signed up with Apple cloud services rather than Google's you'd have experienced the better integration and the switch would make less sense.I didn't realise Google had hand-off already (with the proximity syncing) all power to them!
Lightning ports all round?
Already done and used for the tap-to-setup function.I'm still confused by the choice of AppleTV as the hub. If external comms were the goal, surely Airport would be a better option. Unless they're finally integrating the two and the AppleTV software is destined for a new device.
New Posts  All Forums: