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Why? Do Adobe hate HP as much as they hate Apple or something? Maybe MS will pay Adobe to make sure WebOS doesn't steal last place from WP7. They also missed a feature....Battery Life & Responsiveness - As good as the most poorly written, resource-hogging background app we didn't have the foresight to restrict. McD
Fewer of those this year than last year, than the year before, than the year before... McD
Too right! I'm actually liking that Yahoo have done this though I thought they'd build it on the FaceTime standard. With this and Skype on TVs (when ATV should have had iChat years ago) Apple need to get their act together if FT is ever going to make it or it'll just be another 'hobby'. McD
Viacom - to the back of the queue behind NBC for a review in 6-months. Apple should expand iTunes stores to countries with it's App Stores (70 or so) & punch out willing participants' content globally. When "...the rest of the studios will see the light..." it'll only be 5 months to go. Iger's on the money, if the bigger players don't want to adapt they can become the smaller players and down-size their staff accordingly. Starting from the top. I wonder how AirPlay...
Aperture 3? A bit like Lr but half the price & integrated. McD
Careful, Skoda. But no, I wouldn't buy one. I'm no Adobe fan, I have CS4 and still think they're stuck in the '80s and this suite appears to have little to offer that isn't shipped free in iLife (a 'media hub' who'd have thought it!). I'm sure on the epitome of design inconsistency that is Windows Adobe are still King but the opportunity to pay for mediocrity doesn't inspire. The irony is Adobe originally pulling Premiere was the catalyst for both the Apple-Adobe spat...
Not a great option; - FrontRow on the Mac Mini is a weak 10ft UI. Not even close to ATV3 software (unless there's a hack I don't know of) - You have another machine's local storage to manage - Mac Mini is 7x more expensive!! It's a bit strange that the new ATV doesn't allow purchase/sync to the master iTunes library if available - maybe it will? Or maybe they'll allow ATV3 software to replace FrontRow for Macs (FrontRow3? free update?). Lets face it, there's not price...
So reduce revenue in one stream and increase it in another? These dinosaurs deserve to die!
After reading through that article, that was the big standout for me too! McD
Absolutely but it's an achievement given the incompatibility nightmare that was Office 2003 for Windows & Office 2007 for Windows. Frankly most of our customer correspondence isn't for editing (it's specifically read-only) and PDF is a more secure & compatible output than Word .docx anyway. From that point of view Pages is more than good enough with fewer typography issues. McD
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