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The only stat that matters is; what % viewing time is spent with Internet-delivered content. That's the market Apple will be chasing. Interesting that the concerns highlighted look like an ATV+Airport+Modem would be the path for AppleTV. Highly feasible.
To "Westernize" is to become insane. To be controlled whilst believing you're in control requires you to be insane.
It's got the brawn, it's got the looks but it's got no brains. Tragically this travesty will sell...to people of a similar disposition.
Not so fast SS. Shane's constant pushing of third-party alternatives to perfectly viable & far less invasive built-in first party products all serve to break or dilute the Apple UX.If a Mac user goes down this path using generic, cross-platform, third party apps & services there will be little to justify staying on the Mac platform. Beware Greeks bearing gifts.
More like comparing a regular car with a big rig i.e. far more useful to the majority of us.
Why? This isn't even touch. Numbers for iOS has it here.
Isn't that the Galaxy Note 55? Comes with a free winch to get it up to your ear, fist-touch for when you realise software written for a 4-inch display doesn't stretch that well and a Shetland Pony to aid mobility.
As an expat I hear you. Though, sometimes, this works in my favour as Siri can't understand the Kiwis. Good for default but needs to allow override.
By killing I assume you mean suicide. Apple could never generate profits from software to subsidise the loss of profits from their integrated systems & 'potential' customers who are already fooled by function-only marketing will never get why running the same software on a more expensive machine with lower specs is actually better.Which destroys Apple's integrated solution approach. So Amazon/B&N get to benefit from Apple's totally captive App Store, what do Apple get,...
Hasn't every movie shot in the last few years been 4K? Doesn't Apple have the largest online movie store?
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