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I'm familiar with, and agree with many of these points. We all know that the only reason iPhone market share is slipping is because most droids are 3rd world cheapies and Samsung are giving away Galaxies. My comment was simply a response to a sales figure comment.
As the annual average market share slips away.
Good parenting.And prepping them for a surveillance culture too!
Waited long enough for my 6. Still seems a bit big. I think Apple's move out of the one-handed phone market is a bad decision. One they'll regret soon. Apple the Appeaser might not work out.
My original comment was that genetic was the one thing it couldn't be. Unlike hair or eye colour it has a bearing on the mechanism of passing those genes on (unless you're Mr H.) & how many of us belong to this third sex category?If you did believe it was grooming/coercion (which is more subtle than gunpoint), would you still feel so impartial?Last - you don't know this.
I'm not a big fan when innocents are groomed in any scenario (homosexuality being one of many). I'm also intrigued by people's polarity on the issue between "I was born this way" vs "it's my choice" as if the possibility of it being someone else choice and they were played for sex is so horrific as to warrant denial. Especially as this third mechanism is at the very foundation of our societies.Yes, when taken out of context many things can appear patronising.
You mean you only thought about sex after your voice broke? Unsure what a hormonal change has to do with my argument as I am about your belated action though reading some of your posts I can well believe it.
I thought it was only those nasty enemies in far off places who use kids as a shield...…against the righteous drone strikes.
One child may die. But at least the others get to live. The DoJ are insulting the American public's intelligence - this is clearly an NSA straw man to allow domestic spying because all democracies fail from within. And it's about that time again. Apparently Governments should be afraid of their people. And so they are.
To first point, yes.To the second, I don't have an issue with people being gay, I have an issue with how they became gay. Whether you believe it's genetic or coercion, it's not a conscious decision so they're not at fault.
New Posts  All Forums: