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Nooooooooooo!! What about outside the US where the internet still sucks?We need to go the other way and have TBs of local storage so our iPod/Pad/Phone-only users can have local media/email for sync/streaming.McD
You're right but from a marketing view-point only - "Full HD" sells. The 720p/1080p resolution is rendered secondary by bit-rate constraints that download/streaming demands. 1080p may look better than 720p at 12-50Mbps that Cable/Sat/BD delivers but the same doesn't hold at 3.5Mbps which is what the Movie studios are currently providing Apple. Besides aren't us Apple fans supposed to be able to see through the marketing specs? McD
Yes! Soon please! So I don't have to wait 10 seconds to write an SMS or roll back to v3 !!! McD
I think Apple should set up a conduit group for all software developers who use their App Store to seek compensation from the state due to the legal enabling of software piracy. They should set up a page on their website with a $ figure of the compensation tally and the names of those who passed the motion. Not really Apple though is it? McD
I don't think they have much choice. The iDevices are enslaved to iTunes and need to break free/cut the cord or more accurately, they need a new Master. iPad sales have been doing well but there's only so much of a market for an extra device that works better than a NetBook. If it's truly to replace NetBooks it needs autonomy & the first step its to lose dependence on a Mac/PC based version of iTunes. If the iTunes library were held in the cloud (alongside MobileMe...
So what's the problem? There's still a budgeoning iPhone4 market for left-arm amputees Apple just need to re-target. Or maybe Apple could supply a complimentary single white glove? What? has that been done before? McD
Someone should tell HP about the Palm Pre purchase intentions! McD
And 58 million is no small amount - I'm sure Apple would be happy with iPad sales figures at that level but hasn't that flattened?..
I agree it's nonsense. The pundits are assuming that people buy Apple purely on brand and ultimately Apple products will cannibalise themselves. Unfortunately for them Apple products are well distanced up the scale, few would buy an iPad instead of an MBP because of the genuine functionality gap. Cheap Windows Net/Notebooks, on the other hand, promise this functionality but poor design creates a failure to deliver (just look at what average users actually do with their...
I'm actually glad there's a delay with the cloud service because outside of the US our metered broadband and shocking international connections guarantee streaming failure & make it fiscally unviable - I don't mind paying to download each email to seperate devices but songs & movies? I hope it forces Apple to pull the 'cloud' into the WLAN first for some local two-way peer-syncing & streaming - Jobs says they're working on wireless sync but ATV does this already. This...
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