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Cable TV + ISP package will scupper any chance of progress in digital media delivery. If US ISPs are already locked down then perhaps Apple should focus on delivering US content to the rest of the world or rest of the world content to the US? Or perhaps they should partner with a UFB network and start delivering naked broadband in the US. McD
 For the majority of users' MacBooks I've checked it is, though 256GB would be a safer option. SSD advantage has little to do with boot or application load times and more to do with the fact either system only partially loads and when you hit an SSD with multiple jobs it's performance drops to 50%, not 1% like an HDD does.  Multiple jobs?  VM paging, spotlight indexing, OS & Application component loads, background downloads, background software updates it all going on....
New Apple are giving their customers more options... ...to fail. Incentiviisng people to buy cheaper HDD-based Macs will hurt the UX and ultimately the customer satisfaction Tim appears to care about so deeply. They should get their information management strategy right and ditch HDDs across the line. With a decent cloud or wifi backing store even 128GB is adequate. A very disappointing year in hardware so far. McD
IOS sales to enterprise has been largely driven by curiosity. Now bulk sales can be driven by credibility. McD
"actively [seek] out highly qualified women and individuals from minority groups" This is discrimination, are Apple being accused of not being racist/genderist enough? Diversity can't be forced, or assumed or it becomes the thing it accuses others of being.
Documents through the Cloud rather than Documents in the Cloud. I think they're going for local app-managed caches for a cloud-based backing store providing both ubiquity & resilience. A LAN-based local "cloud" would be ideal for performance & privacy.I don't think people should be so worried & go running just yet. The Extensions in OSX allow inter-app function sharing so you can work up your photos & videos with your favorite editors and keep everything managed &...
"In general, consumers buying the Galaxy S5 were primarily attracted by its large screen size," In general, and with a little digging, I've found the only arguement Android flagship buyers have is "it's not Apple" as opposed to any genuine or rational reason (like poorer performance, poor software design, getting software later etc.).
A valid point and service fragmentation is certainly what I'm experiencing. An app-centric approach to AppleTV is not the way forward. Now Amazon & Google have publicized their designs, Apple should remove the ATV UI completely and deliver aggregated content by a single, multi-service aggregation app which pops up on my lock screen whenever I'm near the ATV.I just wish they would hurry up.McD
You can play most movies without Plex on an ATV via iTunes. Now the pirates have finally caught on to MPEG4 most tracks are compatible. Just source .MP4 content or remux from .MKV with Subler. Untick Copy to library in iTunes, so your movies stay where they are, and you're done.McD
HowHow can that be possible when iPhone-class devices only account for around 33% of Android devices? Check Googles developer dashboard.People don't by Android because they like Android, people by Android because they are addicted to choice and resent Apple for denying them their fix.McD
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