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Not at all, when given a choice consumers will always screw themselves, Android and Windows proves it. Why bulk up a product to suit the exception? Anyone with a decent information mgt regime can reduce the amount of local data to reap the benefits of SSDs. With OSX Photos being iCloud-based next year the requirement for bulk local storage is negated.
Select the ATV you want to AirPlay to.
I hope not. Don't redesign the UI, lose it. Rework the Apple Remote to be a service aggregator, maybe produce a 6" dedicated Apple Remote product but kill the UI.
I really wish Apple would get beyond this. The future of TV isn't Apps on a screen, it's fragmented to the point of uselessness. If they release an App Store for AppleTV I'm bailing. I wish the ghost of Steve Jobs would scare some common sense back into Apple.
Maybe Google can put up a letter of recommendation from AQ next to the employee mandate... Don't be evil (unless you're a valued customer)
As they wish is a little conceited, surely you mean as Allah wills. The problem is there's little evidence of success with Android, there's no regard for IP, budgets get blown and deadlines get missed and these guys work to some pretty tight deadlines.
So the difference in average selling price signfies nothing then?So you're saying defiance of the restrictions is a key driver to switch? What is a terrorist if not defiant? It's the top of the slippery slope.McD(I like the Terrorists Don't use Macs/winners don't do drugs angle. My school teacher got it all wrong, it's what we don't do that defines us!)
That made me smile! Two things Daniel missed; 1. Android IS malware, it's primary design is a data-harvesting trojan, a botnet which feeds Google's core business of web advertising. Saying Google has malware is like saying a mushroom's caught a cold. 2. Android devotees are jihadists. They are Neo-esque anti-heroes, white-hat terrorists who fight the oppression of not-having-choices-I'm-not-qualified-to-make. Of course, true to character, they're just part of the plan,...
You've hit the nail on the head. The best UI is no UI. Apple should create one iPad-based App to deliver all content via AirPlay. It could use extensions but I'd rather have one, simple manager for all content.McD
Cable TV + ISP package will scupper any chance of progress in digital media delivery. If US ISPs are already locked down then perhaps Apple should focus on delivering US content to the rest of the world or rest of the world content to the US? Or perhaps they should partner with a UFB network and start delivering naked broadband in the US. McD
New Posts  All Forums: