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I'm still a bit unsure myself. Barefeats has some good comparisons but the Sandforce SSDs seem to be ham-strung but the SATA interface more than anything else even though they peak at 500MB/s rather than the max theoretical 750MB/s it's still around double the 3Gbps SATA. TB could handle 1250MB/s in & out concurrently but the MBA shows only around 240MB/s on a 6Gbps interface.I doubt that'll happen. The MBA is a prime example of Apple's move to small, fast onboard...
Apple should have collaborated with Toshiba to poduce a Thunderbolt native SSD early on and driven MBAs at full speed beyond anything PCs & SATA could deliver. Let me guess, this year the 'experts' who said TB was a turkey will be singing it's praises!
Actually iChat is free. Tap in your AppleID and you're away but Apple forgot to tell anyone. Skype is also free and great, it finally has all the features of iChat in 2005. Luckily iCloud will be free for any Apple device owner but it would make sense to extend it to iTunes users for platform draw.
Apple have really Microsofted MobileMe up. They're assuming features are unwanted because few people use them. The fact is the lack of popularity of MobileMe or any of it's features is purely down to the lack of free entrypoint driving Mac users to other solutions. This omission has blighted most of Apple's service-based apps too. AppleID does almost everything but who knew? Is it logical to use a Gmail or Yahoo email address for Apple services? They should have given out...
Shut' it is then though I suspect the Italians won't have a choice.
How? Does it come with a pencil sharpener for your fingers? What has that confused, icon-bloated window got to do with touch? As predicted, Windows 8 only pays lipservice to touch with an HTML 5 widget layer. I guess they get to tick two spec boxes though. McD
I disagree as coding is merely implementation or 'building'. IP law protects the far more important Design phase - the thinking before the doing. Many developers are incapable of design or even grasping what it is so to them it seems fluffy and ill-defined. Design is Apple's critical point of difference, it covers not just functionality but how it is delivered and they should have recourse to protect this essential, and generally absent, component of information...
Sounds more like disk image restore than permissions/disk repair but surely there's prior art for both. It would be funny if these clowns thought they were going to walk away with a bag of royalty cash but instead got their patent invalidated. Keep the patent laws by the way, without it us non-manufacturing countries would be bankrupt tomorrow. I wouldn't want to sacrifice our economy so we can steal a few movies. McD
Why not? Apple's (and everyone else's) Asia-only manufacturing strategy is an IP disaster as Samsung has proved. They'll diversify assembly to Brazil and a poor European country to limit exposure to IP theft, carbon output & political leverage. Turkey makes sense & a big deal would compensate for startup costs. While they're a it they should buy a fab for App processors & Flash production. McD
Ahh. That's so sweet. May be they can produce a scroll wheel overlay for Blackberries. Maybe they can stream funeral music as the clods of earth finally lay them to rest. McD
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