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I get that the carrier tie-in is more percentage-profitable for Apple but to rob themselves of such a larger customer base? I think Apple have got this very wrong. They'd be neck & neck with Android with a more conventional sales strategy & earning loads more. Their original plan failed to account for incumbent carrier lock-in.
Hmmm, running iOS4 my iPhone 3G feels pretty obsolete. iPhone 5 should be the ticket - I'm such a victim.
Whilst Apple have their cheque book out they should buy Samsung's semiconductor business for a special 'dont sue us so hard' price. That'd provide the end-to-end integration they're after with no supply dependencies or IP concerns. McD
"Thunderbolt will likely see more rapid adoption in the high-end video market." No kidding! Given it takes an SSD or multiple, striped HDDs which push the cost per GB way up it's never really going to be a consumer technology. McD
...and AppleTV !!!
How about the technology was alive, well and publically released in AppleTV while the student was still in high school and the year before iPhone was released? Apple should sue the guy for making GBP500K from their invention especially as they told him not to. McD
It would be difficult to prove an anti-competitive cartel/oligopoly as, despite being the major players, the collective software engineering staff of these companies does not constitute the majority or even significant market share. Collectively they still only represent a small percentage of the US software engineering base. This provides more than enough choice for the individual to vote with their feet especially if they are free to approach the other parties...
I thought Apple acquired the patents when it acquired Fingerworks. Didn't SJ end the uncharacteristic iPhone preview with the punchline "and it's patented"? McD
ATV development's a possibility but why the "mac" reference? Perhaps this is more evidence of the Mac/iDevice fusion. Definitely at a marketing/retail level (the App/Mac App Stores are both underpinned by iTunes) but the questions is, is it at a technical level? Universal iOS Apps already allow the same Xcode project to hold different controller classes for iPhone/iPad versions whilst accessing the same functional 'backend' classes. You can add a Mac target to the same...
Did Lark just out-buffoon Balmer? Mice? I guess Dell won't be featuring heavily in the post-PC era. McD
New Posts  All Forums: