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Lightning ports all round?
Already done and used for the tap-to-setup function.I'm still confused by the choice of AppleTV as the hub. If external comms were the goal, surely Airport would be a better option. Unless they're finally integrating the two and the AppleTV software is destined for a new device.
Square Cash: criminals rub your hands with glee! Govt Agencies; AML alert!
Aren't they trying to confuse two issues here? 1) Apple never claimed or intended iTunes DRM-protected music to work on any other system. 2) From memory Napster was trying to spoof iPods to work with their iTunes competitor, to cash in on Apple's ecosystem. Apple just shut them down. Interoperability was the design of the other DRM system, it failed. If all proprietary consumer systems are going to be hit by anti-trust suits I wish the law would just state this up front.
Has anyone seen frame rate comparisons for metal optimized games running on iOS 7 vs iOS 8 on A7 hardware. I guess this would be the fairest indicator of Metal performance enhancement.
They're actually allowing more design-savvy developers to implement those designs by reducing technical clutter. It makes sense to promote languages which allow us to simplify higher level functions and provide lower-level performance as the Swift+Metal combo delivers.At the other developer conference Google admitted their platform's apps were running at half the speed they should have been!
I hope a sarcastic news anchor introduces "and Microsoft have announced their 11th version of Windows, Windows 10..."Send me the link when that happens
Does anyone believe anything Google says anymore? What they should have asked is; as google have failed to transition web ad revenues to mobile & desktop clicks aren't yielding the same dollars, where do those increasing profits now come from? When did Samsung get a good OS?
1). Possibly not though we were focussing on POS in this forum and here iBeacon has more to offer than NFC which is limited to "Near".2) Never said it did, never referred to BLE as iBeacon. Currently, iBeacon is built on BLE.iBeacon is just a software update for Android users...oh, I see your point.
As I acknowledged in my original post though I haven't checked the specs of the most popular terminals for BLE compatibility.
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