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What if God made Tab A to only feel comfortable with another Tab A?
Sorry, but that's quite a bit of a stretch. I still want a MacMiniTower. I want PCI expandability and my own display. I shouldn't having to break my bank account adding memory or break my back moving a huge tower.
The 2.8 24" iMac is a solid machine. Unless you are going to play games, video or do 3D rendering you should be set for 3 years or so, no problem. You should max out your ram with less expensive 3rd party ram too.
Note in the future, to not change the name of your administrator account. It's a good idea to have a second backup administrator account anyway. But if you really hate the old one. First back up the entire disk using SuperDuper, CarbonCopyCloaner or another backup utility. Create the new account. Copy everything that you need from the old account to the new one. Verify you didn't miss anything for about a week. Then delete the old account after you store the...
What the hell is a Golf clap?
Â…and now back to the program. So who actually uses the Xsan in a professional environment?
Being a smart ass doesn't help maxx66. My question was legitimate. I was trying to Identify the problem by asking what program maxx66 installed. It's possible others have experience the same problem and solved it.
There's alot of information your not telling us. Is the problem that she can't connect to the internet or that she can't load the AOL web page? What specifically is she trying to do on AOL? Only chat rooms? IM chat? Get emails?
Frustrated with Leopard, Why? Being a Macintosh forum it would be advantageous to all if you stated his issues. That way either we could help you solve them or others could know what problems to look out for. Unless of course his name Steve Ballmer.
Why should they axe the mini to make your Mini "cube" tower?The mini is perfect for many applications. My self included.There room for more Macs in the line up. Just look at the air.
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