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I still like Doom 3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Also I suck lots of time into Civilization 4.
Your first assumption is incorrect. It's your DVD drive that determines what Region (#) DVDs will play inside it. VLC and DVD Player can play any Region number. The first time you play a DVD with a region code, your DVD drive is set to match that code. This restricts the DVD Player to playing only discs with the same region code or with no region code. IMPORTANT: You can change the region code of your DVD drive only five times (this includes the original setting). The...
Transmit is too clunky for me. I prefer the power and flexibility of Captain FPT. It uploads my files and web pages much faster and with fewer errors. I can directly copy data from one FTP to another without any problems. It's the best hands down.
I suppose he means a profitable techonology and very popular with the general public. What other?
OMG layoff the caffeine. If you want to pay for extra eye candy go for it. Otherwise search for the free stuff yourself on MacUpdate.
So anyone know where there will be live coverage?
It's easy to make that judgement when I have almost all the features that .mac offers for FREE. It's not hard if you look for them. Don't for get it's not only a $100 purchase. It's a reoccurring service every year. $500 for 5 years? Get real! I love Mac OS X but .mac is for suckers.
It's way over priced.
I bought my iPod Shuffle on impulse. :P
Thanks for the info. I hope Leopard gets the ZFS file system originally created by Sun Microsystems too.
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