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Wow Mac OS 9.2.2 it seems so 90's. It's colorful yes but i like the grey-scale menu bar now. Except for the blue apple and spotlight of course.
What is the significance of The Open Group granting OS X 10.5 a UNIX 03 product standard certification? The MacWorld article does not explain what is useful for the average user.
Esiner? who really cares. I want my OS X 10.4.11! When is it gonna get here steve?
Not when it comes to referencing the Bush administration.
Oh god,
I almost died watching the old TV show SOAP. It was just too bloody funny.
2nd movement The Evil God and the Dance of the Pagan Monsters from the Scythian Suite OP# 20 (1916) by Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev.
Wow, very sad.
Uber - Augh, where did this word come from, and when, when, WHEN, will it stop!
Impressive,… …Most, Impressive.
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