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It seems obvious that the nun is having some sort of mental problems.
Apparently there are big-time lesbians and gays everywere. Gasp! look behind you.
Try, Captain FTP or Yummy FTP. there the best out there.
That Chime tells the world , "Hey I'm using a Mac and you PC guys suck!" Why would you want to get rid of that?
Yes your MDD is Leopard approved. Of course it would also get an improvement from Tiger if you did not want to risk a buggy Leopard first release.
No one else has a comment about this?
What other programs do you use? Chat, email, skype, video-palyers, FTP, Google Earth, Widgits, screen-savers that connect to the internet? all of these can leave an internet trail. I don't know what you do but just by using a mac your very much safer than an using Xp, Me, 2ooo or VistA. It depends on what your doing and what your worried someone will find.
Comments like these make it embarrassing to be an American.
The latest is iTunes 7.4.2 as of Oct 5. My iTunes is working fine. Sorry for your problems. You are using iTunes on a Mac, not a PC, right?
So, What's with the slow iTunes rollout at the Starbucks? It cant be that hard to set up the iTunes store at a coffee shop that already has WiFi. I'm sure if they wanted to they could have it set up across the nation in a few months.
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