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It works great even on a Powerbook G4.
My own room with soft lighting would be deal, of course. Sadly I do not have this situation in our small company. We agree Apple makes great stuff. But really, there is no need to be an apologist for when makes a decision that does not meet the needs of many of its customers.
Wow, Perfect thanks! Yes, there are 2 apple stores near me. I do use my mac for image and color correction. Cheers!
Does anyone make a 24" anti-glare filter that would fit the 24" iMac? I love the new Alu iMac but hate glare.
Umm no. You can boot from most external Firewire HDDs but not all support it. You can not boot from an external USB2 HDD.
Thanks for all your input. AI is the best apple forum. Cheers!
I have Comcast and want to stop paying a monthly rental fee. What cable modems work well with comcast and a mac? I have been looking at the:D-link DCM-202 Linksys BEFCMU10 Both of these have a $20 rebate for the next few weeks. Any tips would be great. Cheers!
Thanks for your replies. I got the SOYO 24" Topaz S for $299 at OfficeMax. It is bright, quick, has 0 dead pixels and was easy to set up. I'm really happy with it and the extra desktop space. Cheers!
What are the good low-cost DVI 24" LCD monitors? I'm trying to go under the $569. Dell. I saw a good review for the SOYO and Acer models. Does any one have Mac experience with this type of monitor? I'm going to hook it up to my MacBook Pro at home. Thanks in advance, Cheers!
Sorry, Jabber is not supported to use video or voice iChat. You need an AIM (free) or .mac ($100/year) account. I recommend Skype. It is independent of iChat but works more reliably. And it is also FREE.
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