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Drivers installed?
This thread is way off topic now. the 64/32 bit issue should be its own thread. BTW The mini ain't dead yet. :P
Actually OpenOffice is much slower than NeoOffice because it uses X11. I have both in my Applications folder. I have never noticed any speed problems with NeoOffice. OpenOffice.org (OOo) however has font issues, file navigation problems and printing problems.
Worst president? G. W. Bush no question about it.We are less secure than before 9-11. More people hate the US that before he was elected. The economy has been stagnant compared to the Clinton years. We have fewer constitutional freedoms. We have less privacy than before he was elected. Our international reputation is shot by our unprovoked invading of Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction (Iraq). His incompetent handling of the war in Iraq. His incompetent handling of our...
What's the big deal really? When it's out you buy it if you like it. Good night folks, drive home safely.
This is exactly why I would never use a wireless network at home. I have a wired router with a built in firewall, and no worries. Wireless networks are inherently easier to hack into. Good luck.
Please explain, what happens when you try to play them?
Well, we need a little more information.Does it need external power?Are the drivers installed?Did you put a disk in it?What format are your diskettes?Is it plugged in? (I sometimes forget this myself. )Is it USB 1.1 compatible?Does it show up in your System Profiler?Maybe these will help narrow down the problem.
Actually the CD versions took forever too. They were not rushed at all. The reason they sucked is because they released the original mono UK versions of the albums. They had plenty of time release the US "studio effect stereo" versions. Apple Corps. chose the easy path and built up hype by delaying there release. This only applied to the first 4 albums. From Rubber Soul on they sounded great. There have been Hi-Fi audiophile masters of the beatles for decades, this is not...
So you want Mac Pro speed in a 24" iMac with a lower price than a Mac Pro. hummm Me too
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