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A few questions to help locate the problem.What kind of internet connection does she have (Wireless, cable or DSL broadband, T1 or dial up)? Is she using a proxy server? How much RAM is on her iBook? Does she have other programs open when this happens? What speed is her hard disk? Repaired permissions lately or run the Daily, Weekly or Monthly CRON scripts? How much free space does her hard drive have?
I guess someone thought it was an "Edgy" design but it really is just revolting. Yuck!
New iTunes ad Featuring Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney. Beatles fans may have to wait until 2008, according to Olivia Harrison, the widow of late guitarist/singer/songwriter George Harrison. Despite the landmark settlement of a trademark dispute that dates back to Apple Inc. (then Apple Computer Inc.'s) inception, Harrison said that a few things still needed to be worked out elsewhere before the music will be available for digital download and purchase.
To quit those processes you can go to Activity Monitor.app in the Utilities folder. Select Active Processes from the menu near the top. Then click on % CPU. You should see all processes that are still active according to CPU activity. Look for Omni or MirrorAgent. Click on them and then click on Quit Process near the top of the window. The Activity Monitor will then ask you to Force Quit, Cancel or Quit the process. Click on Force Quit. Then select Shut DownÂ… from the...
Does this affect NeoOffice too? I read the ZDnet report. It didn't say anything about NeoOffice. Can someone verify this, please? <<< Ohhh 500th post Yeah!
Why not use Neo Office? Works Great for me.
I have PPC so of course I use Classic when I can. But plan to get the new 24" iMac.
How about a QUAD chip in the 24" iMac? That would make me really happy.
Try FireFTP it's a free extension to the FireFox web brower. I'm a freelance designer and often I'm working somewhere where I need to connect to an FTP. But the location does not have Fetch on the computer i'm working on. FireFTP gets me out of that mess every time. It may not be the prettiest but it works great and is easy to set up. Of course the best pate is that it's FREE! Of course making a donation to the developer is also an excelent idea. FireFTP
If you need it now don't wait till October. The finder will still be there maybe somewhat altered. Come on! Support your local software developer and pay the $35.
New Posts  All Forums: