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Ok so that did the trick for the new account, the plug-ins now load normally and the Illustrator is functional.  My main account is still not working even after flushing caches and everything.  I have to work around the fact that all my files and everything are on my main account but at least now I have a working version of Illustrator.    Thank you very much!   I hope mac or adobe come up with an update that fixes the issue completely. 
So I tried doing that, with a new Admin User Illustrator will launch, however, it does not load any of the tools or plugins, essentially it only displays a file but you cannot edit it in any way.  I tried opening a new file from template and before opening it Illustrator gives a warning with a list of plugins needed to edit the file that are not available.  I went a look in the plug-ins folder under Illlustrator and the plugins in the list are there, I tried opening a...
I tried renaming the folder and leaving the name of the folder intact but removing all the contents, I still get the same crash message. 
Hello Everyone, my Illustrator decided to crash every time I try to launch it. I've tried all the fixes suggested in other threads but nothing has worked so far.  Below is the report I get. Anyone has any suggestions?    Many thanks in advance!             Process:         Adobe Illustrator [1411] Path:            /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS5/Adobe Illustrator.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Illustrator Identifier:      com.adobe.illustrator Version:        ...
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