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They're only registered if they're operated on public roads. (Vehicle registration is primarily an income stream for state governments, the last holdover from the old possessions taxes, which are otherwise long gone.) Similarly, operators are only required to be licensed to operate vehicles on public roads. Your support weakens just a bit...
Yeah, my first sentence was badly phrased. For most casual use, you can treat transparency/reflectance/refraction separately. Everything is pretty much tangled together if you look closer. And the rabbit hole was referring to getting into those fine entangled details, bringing in their train all our old friends like Brewster, Snellius, Kepler, Huyghens, Newton, Maxwell, a bunch of Greeks, quantum optics, ... Apologies, my last math-heavy optical physics class was almost 50...
Refractive index has nothing directly to do with light transmission. Grossly simplified, it's the ratio of the speed of light in the material to the speed of light in the medium that the material happens to be in, determining how strongly light is bent passing through something. Usually it's compared to air, sometimes water or vacuum.  What the refractive index tells you is how strongly light bends when traveling between the material and the medium it's in. Diamond has an...
As of, oh, 15-20 years ago high school programming classes where my son attended used Java as its main programming language. And it was a plain-vanilla suburban high school, nothing special.
"Only Nixon could have gone to China". Even modernized, China is still Communist, unless you don't want to believe the PRC's public position. They just take advantage of economics that the USSR never managed to understand.
It's not like everyone else must be ignored if any given group, even one as large as China, is considered in product design. Apple's trying to appeal to a broader world audience, not throwing you off the back of the troika.
If they are, it's a very recent phenomenon. I spent 30+ years in tech, in Silicon Valley, and sexism was a lot less of an issue than some might try to make you believe. I certainly worked with enough female peers, and for enough women during that time. And the percentage of women in the development groups I worked in and with were increasing during that period, not decreasing. If any left tech positions, it was usually because they were moving up to management...
I doubt that they're leaving so much as the field is growing as fast or faster than new ones are coming in to tech. That, and most women are interested in other areas of employment; they're not being kept out of tech by grizzled old programmers and engineers.
Everything gets verbified if you're not careful.
If I don't wear glasses, I can clearly see everything outside the vehicle (car/truck/airplane) to the horizon. What I can't see as well are instruments and panel/cockpit controls, especially if they're all similar in appearance, shape, and local contrast to the panel. There's a very wide range between "I can see it so everyone else can get stuffed" youth and "it's really time to give up driving" vision impairment.
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