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Michael Spindler? Do I win the doughnut?
Out here it's -10F, -33F windchill, and my iPhone is a couple layers in from the outside. Forget about quickly getting to the phone with gloves on... wait until you're inside to check email. Checking your watch is a lot easier, even with gloves on, and silent notifications could obviate the need to visually check at least some of the time. Meanwhile, I was driving yesterday with the iPhone in a charging cradle on the dash, and when I went to check something, a thermometer...
1. I've a 16GB 5c (it's the smallest of any of my iOS devices). It's quite usable as is, and with a few applications, etc., with about 3GB free space left. If I needed lots more space or application, I'd have gone with more storage. 2. Pure 64-bit apps aren't near to being twice the size of 32-bit apps; hybrid 32/64-bit apps just nearly twice the size of 32-bit apps (ref. Rich Siegel of Bare Bone Software: "If we deliver a product for both 32- and 64-bit architectures in a...
And some people still believe that the world is flat. It may not be nice to point and snicker at them, but it surely is tempting.
There were mold lines in the plastic that looked like cracks. Except they weren't; for starters, you couldn't get them to take up dye, which cracks should do. (I had several of them at the time to check for cracking.) Lots of pissing and moaning about the (cosmetic) issue, though, so those whose favorite sport was P&M were happy, so there's that, I suppose.
They have unrealistic expectations. Apparently, to them, a smartphone is a magical device; they don't understand that the machine functions in part by executing instructions stored in memory, said instructions taking up some variable amount of space in that memory. It's all magic to them. And now they're trying to blame someone else for their own ignorance.
There are going to be different amounts of open memory for each individual device, depending on what a user might install. Free space will change, one way or another, to a greater or lesser amount, depending on which version of an OS happens to be installed on a given device, which language is in use, etc etc etc. Yes, it really is hard to be that specific. This is nothing new, and has been the case since digital computers with internal storage were invented, and applies...
Forget using an iPad 1; Duet on iOS requires v6, and the original iPad stops at 5.1.1. I'll have to borrow my wife's new iPad Air 2...
Pruneridge is a local street that crosses Wolfe Rd. about a block north of Hwy. 280 in Cupertino, adjacent to the new Apple campus. Back when I worked at Four Phase Systems, in what is now the Infinite Loop headquarters, the area around Pruneridge Ave. was still prune, apricot, and other fruit tree orchards.
You have no idea what you're talking about. Apple spends, and has spent for years, a higher fraction of its total expenditures on research than most high tech companies. This was the case in the early '80s (I was in the Apple//&/// division then), and it's true now. As for switching camera suppliers, it's not unethical, it's normal business practice when something better is available. Too bad your business couldn't keep up.
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