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Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Use the USB-C connector for TB3, which gets you USB 3.1 speeds (10 Gb/s) on USB 3.1 devices, as well as TB3 speeds (40 Gb/s) with TB3 devices, and that's clearly "abandoning the old TB in favour of a new, USB-derived spec". Think about it at least one more time.
"Apple has created a phone that is dark, that cannot be accessed by law enforcement even when a court has authorized us to look at its contents"   He says that like it's a bad thing.
More than 97% actually. We share a big fraction of our total DNA with a lot more than just mammals, like around 75% with fish. (Seems like a pretty efficient design methodology, frankly.)
Not yet it isn't, even by Apple. Which is one reason that Aperture got its (tiny) update to run in Yosemite. There was discussion back when Photos was first revealed that it wouldn't be feature-complete on release, and at the WWDC there was further mention of a planned plug-in architecture for it. Check back in the future.
0. Or you can just right-click on your iPhoto library and select Photos as the application to open it with. Replacing a, what, 10+ year old application with a clean-sheet, newly-written application, complete feature for feature might just not be as simple as it sounds.
1. A user might decide that they'd prefer to keep iPhoto on until Photos has some missing feature put in that they depend on.2. The warning only reminds you that the two libraries are now separate; changes in one won't be reflected in the other.3. Delete itself? Why, when it's so easy to simply delete the application yourself, when you want to.
Which is why I'm still using Aperture for work, and experimenting elsewhere. Multiple eggs, multiple baskets. (And I'm glad there are useful alternatives to Lightroom.) Yeah, about Adobe "showing a commitment to their users", well, let's just say once burnt twice shy. My relationship with the company over a couple of decades has been a mixed bag. Again, hooray for DxO, Capture 1, and other alternatives. Who knows, Photos could turn out to be a great tool, similarly to...
Aperture still works, right? Previous comments by Apple about Photos were that it would, some time after launch, support third-party extensions. So I continue to use Aperture for work, and get to experiment with Photos as it develops. (I've got Lightroom, just don't like it enough to switch. Besides still being increasingly annoyed with Adobe's policies.)
You don't have backup copies of your Aperture libraries? Seriously?
The initial adapters are expensive, but being USB licensing fees aren't going to be high; expect third-party equivalents at lower cost very soon. Note that the quality of said follow-on adapters will be variable. Caveat emptor, and all that. Meanwhile, most MacBook owners are going to be quite satisfied with the machine. Those who really do need more power/connectors/bragging points should get something else. Don't for get that the base MBA models cost exactly as much as...
New Posts  All Forums: