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Given that others seem to be getting their downloads at much higher speeds, maybe it isn't Apple's (and/or their various conduits like Akamai) issue.
How close to Word 2004 formatted docs can you get with, say LibreOffice? Worst case, Word 2011 can save to Word 97-2004 format. Not upgrading one of the older ones probably is the cheapest solution.
Wireless Epson NX420 works perfectly. Talk to HP (I recently dumped HP for Epson, for a number of reasons).A lot of people came to gestural UIs from iPhone/iPad, and they're familiar with that usage. And probably have complained about the different usage between iOS and Mac behavior. You can change it in System Preferences to fit your own preferred behavior
They exist (well, appear) in both places.Go to Find Preferences -> Sidebar Click to de/select what you want to show/hide in the Finder's sidebar. I don't want the hard drive in my dock, but you should be able to drag it there from the Finder after you've tweaked preferences.
True. That's how I did the installation on this MBA.
It takes up 3.81GB on the 8GB (7.62GB available) SD card I just used to do clean install on a MBA. No telling why various people are getting different sizes for the installer.
You forget the Snow Leopard installation, which you'd have had to have installed before you could use the Mac App Store.
And a lot of those cheap flash drives are, to be polite, crap. I've seen a number of cheap (PNY, among others) thumb drives fail with little use.That's right. You assume...This solves the problem of upgrading to Lion for those not currently running Snow Leopard quite nicely: Snow Leopard install disks ($29), Lion installer ($29), thumb drive ($9). $2 for shipping, and there you go. Think, people, think.
Look up "bit rot" in regard to optical media. You don't even have to use it, the optical disc can degrade over time, even if stored in a cool, dark place. And the older your CD/DVD, the more likely it has begun to degrade, depending on the type of dye used, etc.
Rejoice! then. Hint: Look into Versions' behavior, not to mention cmd-S and quitting the application.
New Posts  All Forums: