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  And the weight, don't forget that.  
Just how long do you think it would take to list, much less demonstrate 275,000 iPad apps?
I'm on a local school board, and we're extremely interested in the possible smaller iPad model.   Possible lower costs aside, it would be more comfortable for kids in the lower and middle grades to use.
As someone else previously pointed out, component cost is only part of the total product cost.   Depending on the product, it might anywhere from 90% to 2% of the final cost. (Highly-scientific WAG applied to produce the answer.)
Just checked here. Background tasks window toggles by clicking on the button, and command-9 works normally. (2010 MBA, 10.8.2, 10.0.5, etc.)
Take a look at Sandvox; one of its features is conversion of iWeb sites.
I really don't see this as being the case, rather that current devices released today that use it are USB2-class.   Unless the Lightning cable is an active, rather than plain passive device.
This only works if you ignore all but one 3D axis.   Either connector depends on being specifically aligned along two other axes, whether or not they're rotationally symmetrical about the third.   People are overthinking this stuff.
Third-party opportunity.
Depends on the application.   Some come across, some require re-entering activation codes, some require you to de-activate before you do the upgrade, then re-activate after it's done.   Seems to be as much results of individual company's policy as anything else.
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