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Since when are USB, FireWire 400/800, DVI-I, miniDVI, HDMI, miniDisplayPort and Thunderbolt non-standard "connections"? What PC is made with all of the above, plus Serial and parallel printer ports and a 20mA current-loop connector? By your own argument, all commercial PCs "fail to include standard connections". [/QUOTE]Whenever the neighbor's kid wants to hook up his MacBook to the TV, he has to run home to get an adapter. Apple products routinely need special cables in...
Sure, but they don't all count equally. You can shove a lot of bare bones boxes into call centers and onto warehouse inventory desks for relatively little. Each one doesn't help the bottom line (or stock price) nearly as much as do sales to end users who want what a slightly more expensive system can provide them.
This wouldn't have looked quite as silly if you'd posted it ten years ago. Given the increase in marketshare, both U.S. and internationally, over the past three or four years, it just looks like either a poor troll, or failed sarcasm.
Whoever wrote that "news" failed to notice the increase in Mac sales that has continued since the iPad was introduced. For starters. You need to either switch to decaf, or get your money back from your recreational pharmaceutical supplier.
The director of the new ad certainly included it as a tip of the hat to Lion. The developer of Alphabet Fun didn't require that it be used in the ad, nor that that specific exercise be used.
Given that Adobe had months to test and update their Mac applications for Lion, which customer base is a large fraction of their total income ... yes. Absolutely.
Do a full backup first. That should go without saying.Office 2011 seems to work just fine. Previous reports asserted that 2008 but not earlier, worked.Gargle is your friend. Really.
Given that others seem to be getting their downloads at much higher speeds, maybe it isn't Apple's (and/or their various conduits like Akamai) issue.
How close to Word 2004 formatted docs can you get with, say LibreOffice? Worst case, Word 2011 can save to Word 97-2004 format. Not upgrading one of the older ones probably is the cheapest solution.
Wireless Epson NX420 works perfectly. Talk to HP (I recently dumped HP for Epson, for a number of reasons).A lot of people came to gestural UIs from iPhone/iPad, and they're familiar with that usage. And probably have complained about the different usage between iOS and Mac behavior. You can change it in System Preferences to fit your own preferred behavior
New Posts  All Forums: