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You mean other than system-wide support for full-screen applications, Resume, auto save, Versions, Air Drop, improved Mail, Lion Server ($50), Cocoa AppleScript, updated Automator, File Vault 2 (full disk encryption, not just your home directory, among other things), tweaked Finder, tweaked iCal, Internet Restore and related utilities, networking improvements, tweaked Preview, tweaked QuickTime Player, per-user screen sharing (multiple users logged in simultaneously, too),...
No. It's been around, IIRC, at least since Tiger, probably before. It just isn't used much.
Only for the MBA, and then only the RAM. The MBA's SSD storage is on a plug-in card connected to the motherboard, not soldered directly to it.
Exactly the way that you'd navigate in Snow Leopard now with a mouse or trackpad. You just don't get to use the gestures. You can even turn them off in System Preferences if you prefer.
Godd thing then, isn't it, that you don't have to do it that way. Google around a bit; there are a number of sites outlining how to generate a bootable install DVD from the Lion download. Burn your disc, or two, and you're set for the scenario you have in mind.
You would prefer that ThunderBolt be designed to just barely match current drive throughput? Because that's what you're saying, in effect. The new standard is looking to the future, and current consumer-level RAID hardware is still in the present. As RAID (and other) hardware performance improves, as it will, ThunderBolt will have no problem keeping up. [/QUOTE]I hate that a 1 TB hard drive comes with 998 GB of space.[/QUOTE] The drive has the raw space, it's just that to...
Out here, the mini stores don't have any on display, the full-size stores all do.
If not through the App Store, Apple has long provided a means for corporations or educational institutions to distribute specific applications internally. There's more to life than applications written to run under PC-type OS's, in case you forgot.
Well, maybe. Unless the TB spec states that if you've got a miniDisplayPort device in the chain, it has to be the last one in that chain.
Well, at least expect to be imperfectly delighted if you completely dump your existing workflow for a completely new 1.0 product at release. Which is not the same thing as expecting the end of the world.
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