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Except for those who prefer Aperture. (I think Lightroom 4 has some nice features that aren't currently in Aperture, but in general still prefer Aperture.)
  Think back on digital camera image quality around 2004. High quality output was very expensive, affordable not nearly so much.   The original images shown in the article were likely shot on film, either C41 process, or fast black and white, like Tri-X or Tmax-400.
Good thing you did, too, since most other design elements fail to support your argument.   Again.
Sorry, OS X abandoned the Display PostScript approach that NeXT used right from the beginning in favor of their own version of PDF-based rendering. IIRC, it was initially done because they couldn't come to an agreement with Adobe on using Display PostScript, but OS X never shipped with it.
Odd, we've got five Macs running Lion here.   One of them, a late-2006 20" is the only one that you might hesitate to use for photo, video or audio production, and most of the time it's ok for those uses. When it''s rendering video files, you leave it to crunch and use something else, but that was true before Lion showed up.   The MacBook Airs (one a late-2009, the other a late-2010) have SSDs, but other than being quicker to start up, they're not faster than the...
  Nor did Apple offer anything in the netbook category. And we all know how that market is doing these days.
That would also accurately describe the vast majority of desktop and laptop PC users, to be quite honest.
Ummm.   WiFi is two-way communication. Everything in the local net is transmitting and receiving.
  Say what? More than 50 years ago it was well known that there were possible plastic-related health issues, depending on the plastic, environment, exposure levels, etc etc etc. An elementary-school student could easily find information about this sort of thing in the open literature if one were so inclined to look for it. I know I did.
You really need to go and see one of the new screens, compare it with the plain glossy MBP screen while you're at it.   It's not the same at all.
New Posts  All Forums: