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  Which is neither the base model nor base price, which is what was being discussed upthread.   Mackerels and salmon, thingie.
I dunno, FCPX works for me, for most jobs.   Better tell the Apple online store people that the Mac Pro was updated today.   There's your problem: paying attention to rumors.
So pick one of the lower-spec MacBook Pros ($1199/$1799 on up), or a MacBook Air($999 on up).
Unless you opt for up to 768GB of flash...   And base is 512GB.
What currency are you figuring this in?   Try $2200.
Yes, that and all those Chinese workers that get exploited by Apple that leads them to commit suicide, all those US jobs that Apple won't bring back, the overheating-gate, the 4G-gate, the size gain-gate, the weight gain-gate.... what am I missing?   An actual response?     - Foxconn/Honhai contract out for a lot more customers than just Apple.     - The suicide rate for F/H workers is at or below China's national rates.     - You think that increasing...
Bitter much? Ive has been quoted many times in the past several years commenting on Apple design and products. Do try to keep up, for a change.
And they were founded years ago, the hardware makers generally being spinoffs of companies like HP, Varian, Fairchild and others dating back as far as the 1930s. There is no question that California has become increasingly hostile to businesses operating in the state, and it's not getting better. More and more companies are either moving out, or limiting any expansion to areas outside California. A pity, really, it's a beautiful state with (still) enormous resources, both...
He can watch his favorite Flash pr0n sites. Mostly.
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