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Cite? Apple's update page only lists required CPUs, the implication being that all Macs that shipped with those processors can run Lion as is. Which is not to say that maxing out memory wouldn't be beneficial at all.
Just how long has it been since you looked at an MBA, anyway? This 13" 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD MBA keeps up with the UI just fine; it's not as fast as the 3.06GHz iMac with 8GB RAM in the other room, but it's quicker booting up and starting applications. It works fine with Aperture 3 and FCPX, with expected limitations running the latter as it's not connected to a RAID1 drive through FW800. It's certainly faster than the 2008 15" MBP that it replaced earlier this year.
Much of the developed world has significantly better internet access infrastructure than the U.S.
Google Vuescan...
Keep shoveling!
4. Install SL on an external drive and boot from that when you need to run, what, Quicken?
You mean other than system-wide support for full-screen applications, Resume, auto save, Versions, Air Drop, improved Mail, Lion Server ($50), Cocoa AppleScript, updated Automator, File Vault 2 (full disk encryption, not just your home directory, among other things), tweaked Finder, tweaked iCal, Internet Restore and related utilities, networking improvements, tweaked Preview, tweaked QuickTime Player, per-user screen sharing (multiple users logged in simultaneously, too),...
No. It's been around, IIRC, at least since Tiger, probably before. It just isn't used much.
Only for the MBA, and then only the RAM. The MBA's SSD storage is on a plug-in card connected to the motherboard, not soldered directly to it.
Exactly the way that you'd navigate in Snow Leopard now with a mouse or trackpad. You just don't get to use the gestures. You can even turn them off in System Preferences if you prefer.
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