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And they were founded years ago, the hardware makers generally being spinoffs of companies like HP, Varian, Fairchild and others dating back as far as the 1930s. There is no question that California has become increasingly hostile to businesses operating in the state, and it's not getting better. More and more companies are either moving out, or limiting any expansion to areas outside California. A pity, really, it's a beautiful state with (still) enormous resources, both...
He can watch his favorite Flash pr0n sites. Mostly.
Now compare cost of living in China with that in the U.S., say in California, New York or Rhode Island.
I worked at Apple from late 1979 through 1985 and what's described in the article doesn't sound much different from working there back then, if a good deal better organized. I have to say that my time there was just about the most fun I had in 30 years in computer product engineering. And I never worked around any "robots", either.
Did you somehow miss his "...and a third company that hasn't yet been created."?
Have you looked lately at laptop vs desktop sales trends over the past five or so years? Desktops are moving pretty definitely into niche market territory. Considering sales figures include desktop machines sold into corporations, used as POS terminals and so on, it's even worse. Consider also that schools, which used to be big buyers of desktops are moving strongly toward replacing them with laptops.
If they did, they were ignored by Toshiba, whose Folio was a short-selling tablet from last year.
In real world practice, yes, that's generally what happens. Once a new OS ships, the previous version usually won't see any changes other than some minor bug or security fixes. Expending the major effort and expense of testing and qualifying new hardware is rarely justifiable.
If it's really a brand new user, she won't have older software to worry about not running. Think about it.
- 2010 13" MBA, 2009 24" iMac, 2007 20" iMac all have Lion. Happily. (Similar to my wife's two Macs.) - 1999 Tangerine iBook, 10.3.9, which is as far as you can take it. (Ex Post Facto sort of gets you around that, but in the long run isn't worth doing on that machine.)
New Posts  All Forums: