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According to those who have had some advance info from Apple, expect solutions for most/all of these issues in the near future. Except for the shiny part. It stays. Delivery through App Store, by the way, allows for shorter upgrade/update cycles; don't expect the old 18-24 month wait between significant updates.
Just checked the Apple online store. It's gone. Mentions of it are being expunged, too.
It's gone. The recent public demo mentioned that it won't exist; iMovie at the bottom, FCPX for the high end.
Nope. As per the last public preview exposition of FCPX, there will be no Express version. iMovie for amateurs, FCPX for serious work. Heck, FCE 4 was $200 (and you can get it from Amazon now for $180). It's gone from the Apple Store already.
$299US.Which oddly enough is roughly what a previous FCP update would have been.Or $99 more than the old version of FCE.
Except that the 15" MBP is quite portable. Not at all like some of the competitions' massive 15" and up laptops.
I don't know what you're doing, but I typically get 9+ hours on a charge on this 13" MBA. That doesn't, obviously, include running video/flash/CPU-intensive tasks. Online web browsing, reading, light text work.
QUOTE=TheRobin;1876922]I just got this email from Apple about MobileMe going away by next summer. My big question is what will happen after that with my me.com email address. I will start moving away from it if they are shutting down the email service also.[/QUOTE] Didn't you read the email? Or even just the third paragraph?
We're stuck. His mom locked him out of the basement. Again.
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