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No, you don't have to "choose charging or connection", it will do both at the same time.
This was covered ad nauseum on the day the new MacBook was announced. Check the Apple store specs:  - VGA output using the USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter or - HDMI video output using USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter Charging through the USB-C port, I/O through a USB-A port and video output. They're $79 ea, but being USB dongles, expect third-party equivalents at much lower prices, and variable quality, shortly after the MacBook ships.
Why not? We've got two 5c's here and the plastic case has been completely without issue. Stiff, no scratches or dings, no problems at all. Might could do with a black color option, but that's about it.
Works great in the dark.
Because the EU is about to require that all personal electronic devices use a USB connector for charging. Seriously.
Maybe he meant "successful" in comparison to the somewhat less successful Surface RT?
Actually, they very well could have shipped a laser mouse when the puck mouse came out. Not that it would have been a good idea, mind, but it was quite possible. After I left Apple in 1985, I went to Sun Microsystems, who just happened to have an optical mouse for their workstations. Worked great, but only on the grid-patterned mouse pads that came with the optical mouse. IIRC, the mouse was made by Logitech for Sun, and at the time Sun was using ADB for its keyboards and...
Me, not so much. I used to (off and on over a 45-year span) do product and studio photography; if you've never done post processing on film, you have no idea just how much better digital photo production can be.
The lighting's not very different from a well-designed product design lab space; even, without contrasty lighting and shadows. "Editing the people in" would leave some telltale green or blue contamination around the edges of the people, and that doesn't appear in the picture (although compression artifacts are evident around high-contrast boundaries). Another clue that it might be the real things is the mix of lighting evident; the background looks like it's lit by open...
The mistake you make is assuming that developers are a major portion of the customer base. It's not an optimal development machine, which is ok, it's not intended to be one.
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