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The WiFi-only version also has gps.Never mind; misread ambiguous spec.
Most stock analysts that make the news are almost always fanboys or anti-fanboys. The more rational ones aren't nearly as entertaining, and so remain in the shadows most of the time.
- 1: Analysts making wild guess. - 2: Overexcited analysts making wilder guesses. - 3: Manufacturer looking at actual internal numbers. The first two may be more entertaining (briefly), the last is the only one even slightly usable for making decisions.
Because of his established track record maybe?
Seriously, if you really need USB, get the iPod connector adapter for those times when you need USB. One less opening into the case. Which, come to think of it, could have some EMI consequences. But esthetics likely is a bit more of a factor.
You can bet the decision was driven by differing international copyright and publishing laws.
The Discovery had a spun section that provided pseudo gravity,t "down" being toward the outer rim of the spinning section.
Anyone not totally ignorant understands that rechargeable batteries have a finite life, depending on the number of recharge cycles, environmental conditions, etc. You seem to be assuming that the battery replacement program is for defective product, rather than normal replacement after extended use. The which is in no way something subject for a recall. It ain't a Pet Rock(tm), after all.
Even with a dead dead dead battery, the device will run when connected to power and I/O. Don't forget to do a hard initialization to wipe memory before you send it out.
Unfortunately, with replaceable batteries, it almost certainly wouldn't have near the usable time on a single charge that the current design has.
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