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Power requirements; not to mention that overall system performance, especially with the 1.8GHz version may not be all that much slower than the current top MBA. In some cases, the new graphics support may even be faster. Keep tuned in ... Power demand. Think about it. Run time on a charge is critical for this machine. Not to mention, the ULV i5 and i7 probably weren't available early enough to make the cut for the MBA development. Even assuming they have low enough current...
No, it isn't. You need to watch the keynote.Might be true, if you were right. You're not. The flash mass storage is on a small plug-in card; four flash chips plus two support chips, with little gold fingers plugging in to the motherboard equivalent.
You say that like it's a bad thing. It's not.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Just looking at the 11.6" model: A 1.4GHz or 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo processor. Up to 4GB memory, up to 128GB storage, 5 hrs operating time with WiFi on. Compared to a typical Wintel notebook with an Atom CPU... Whatever you're smoking, you need to stop before it's too late.
Simple; if you know what other would-be suppliers are bidding on a project, you can undebid them to win the contract. They get nothing, you get the profit. And with large production runs usual for Apple products, that can be a pretty healthy profit. Kick backs to the guys passing you the information could be pretty healthy, too.
It's not a majority, being less than 50% +1. It would be a plurality, which is just the largest entity of a group of entities.
Not even close to being the most expensive, even discounting high-end MBP models. Like a Sony Vaio TT (with an 11" screen, at that), or one of the upper model Alienware laptops.Right. Them Atoms being so powerful. Wait.Ah yes, the netbooks with built-in optical drives. Kind of scarce on the ground, except for something like the Asus Eee PC 1004DN. With an Atom N280 processor, 10-inch display, and weighs 3.19 pounds. Which is .19 lbs heavier than an Air. Smaller...
Only the successful ones. { ducks, scurries away }
Been doing it for a couple weeks now. Not sending out masses of pictures, but in small batches through email, sure. It's better for showing collections to friends/potential clients. Quite useful, actually. Now, editing the pictures, that's something else entirely. For now.
New Posts  All Forums: