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Look again; they didn't forecast a reduction in sales, the forecast a reduction in sales growth. Not the same thing.
Talk to Intel. They're the ones claiming that they'll have USB3 support included in their chipset next year. No sooner.
They already have miniDisplayPort. Granted, the TB controller currently is too big to fit, and likely way over power budget for the MBA. Give 'em time.
We used to provide hardcopy, but over the past several years, the perceived/actual need continually declined, with email or other electronic substitutes replacing hardcopy. It's not done yet, but it is going away for the most part, and not in some far-distant future.
But it seems that you do have access to it elsewhere, whether at work or someplace with (free?) wifi available.
They used to do just that, and some of the models were as good as anything on the market, like the LaserWriter 8500. It wasn't a money-making part of the business.
You have to use an adapter for the HDMI output. HEAT UP THE TAR!!!! WHO'S GOT THE FEATHERS?!! Ahem.
Intel's been looking into implementing the fiber version with a coaxial power conductor, although it appears to have been a late starter for some reason.
If the first developer kits go out in the spring (say April first, heh), companies working on systems using it should be shipping about nine months later, which would be the first of 2012. Peripherals are already showing up, but they're a *lot* easier to develop. I seriously doubt that this is going to have much effect at all on total uptake in the industry.
They had a reason for picking the beast, don't you think? Something about their size, maybe?They were native to western Europe until around 100AD, and the Caucasus until around 1000AD. (And used to range through the Americas from the Yukon to Peru.)Except for those lions that happen to live in the jungle, being jungle lions. Such as the Asiatic lions in the Gir Forest of India. The lion's range used to extend up into (heavily forested) Europe and southern Asia. Even now,...
New Posts  All Forums: