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Or so Flash content is blocked, and you don't keep getting notices to download and install Flash from sites that use it. ClickToFlash stops that nonsense, too.
The eye doesn't care, and frankly doesn't know, whether the light it's getting is reflected or if it's directly emitted from what you're looking at. All it cares about is light intensity and contrast range in the visual field of static images, which is what you're reading.
Comments by some beta testers (for example, http://edmondterakopian.blogspot.com/) are that it flies compared to 2.x. Downloading the trial seems like a cheap way to find out.
No, only more profit per sale. If total sales sales stay the same, you're golden. If not, you might end up with either no change in profit, or less profit, or none at all, or a loss, depending on how badly sales are impacted. The record labels don't seem to be able to understand this simple issue.
Already being done for some large corporations using iPhones for internal functions.Don't think so. They'll have a limited set of speciality applications in practice, a Finder wouldn't be necessary.
Who says that a document that you wrote in Pages on the iPad (which can read/write Word docs and more, don't forget) *must* be worked on in Pages on your laptop or desktop or PC? Maybe you should wait to have a stroke until after some more information is available.So how is that going to change from current usage? You set Acrobat to be your default PDF application and you're off. iPad isn't going to change this. The docs you swap to/from the iPad don't *have* to be limited...
A lot like the initial iPod or iPhone reception. And we know that those were dismal marketplace failures.
Simple, it's the usual "silver lining" analysts effect. As in, given the unrealistic expectations raised by pre-announcement hype (generated by people who had no idea of what the real product would be), no product could possibly rise to the hype. Or, "every silver lining has a dark cloud".
More likely that, like the music publishing business, distribution is regionally divided up. They'll have to work with local branches to distribute. Patience, grasshopper.
Non sequitur much? That's not what it says on the package, outside or inside. You *can* install it as an upgrade on a system currently running Leopard (or Tiger, for that matter, since the earliest MacBooks and MacBook Pros predate Leopard). Leopard being installed is not a prerequisite, explicit or implied. The statement "Upgrade from Mac OS X Leopard with Snow Leopard [...]" is descriptive, not prescriptive. Statements on Apple's online store, or in their brick and...
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