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I don't know what you're doing, but I typically get 9+ hours on a charge on this 13" MBA. That doesn't, obviously, include running video/flash/CPU-intensive tasks. Online web browsing, reading, light text work.
QUOTE=TheRobin;1876922]I just got this email from Apple about MobileMe going away by next summer. My big question is what will happen after that with my me.com email address. I will start moving away from it if they are shutting down the email service also.[/QUOTE] Didn't you read the email? Or even just the third paragraph?
We're stuck. His mom locked him out of the basement. Again.
Quitting the app provides the same function, for all practical purposes.
You have a year+ to figure out what to do.
You keep your .me or .mac email address; it rolls right into iCloud when you sign up for it. Watch the keynote.
And not nearly so free if you're using it an enterprise environment with equivalent support.
All of which is why a physical retail DVD is an option. Apple isn't actually staffed and run by idiots.
So turn it off. It's not rocket science.
Let me fix that for you: - Win PC user installs trojan = Win PC User error - Win PC user does nothing much, Win PC snarfs up viruses and other random malware just by being powered on = Win PC bad [/QUOTE]OSX user installs trojan = User error ????[/QUOTE] No charge for the upgrade/repair. You're welcome.
New Posts  All Forums: