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I use it all the time for photo work in the field. A lot more convenient than carrying and using a CF card reader like I used to do. The iPhone's useful for quick snaps of things in, say, the supermarket that I want to remember to get later.
The 12" PowerBook was one of the best-selling laptops for Apple; it was my favorite of the PowerBook family, too. If I really needed a larger display for some task, I could always connect it to a desktop monitor for the job. 13", 15" and 17" sizes might be your preference, but Apple seems to have found different answers from its customers, paying with their own money. The 17" models don't seem to have sold well enough to make them worth keeping in the line up. Sorry about...
It's 18K, which by definition means 75% gold, not "almost half".
The Thunderbolt display accepts DisplayPort 1.2 input, right? From the MacBook page's tech specs: Charging and Expansion      USB-C port with support for:           Charging           USB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5 Gbps)           Native DisplayPort 1.2 video output I'm assuming the video output requires a USB-C to DisplayPort converter cable, but there you go. Reading the specs; it's not just fun, it reduces unneeded stress.
Spec the 13" Air and the MacBook to the same maximum memory and SSD, and they cost the same. (You can bump the Air a bit higher by choosing the 2.2GHz CPU.) The 13" rMBP with the 2.7GHz CPU, same memory and SSD also costs the same, but you can double RAM and SSD, as well as boosting the CPU speed past what the MacBook offers, if you want to spend more. The only way to get the Air (or 13" Pro) for less is to give up on either RAM or SSD capacity, or both, compared to the...
Depends on the product. At the high end, like the Mac Pro, internal memory, processor, and storage can be upgraded. I haven't seen any video upgrades yet, but the video card isn't soldered in place. MacBook Pro SSDs and batteries can be replaced, if not easily by the user, same for MacBook Airs. (Yeah, the battery is glued in place; that's what heat guns are for.) iPod, iPhone and iPad batteries can be replaced, if not trivially easily.
Does nobody do the slightest bit of checking before they start moaning? The audio jack is on the other side of the device from the USB-C port.
Wireless printers are becoming very common, as is wireless storage. A lot of computer users never connect an external device to their laptops; for those who do and absolutely cannot get by without multiple ports (or with multi-port dongles), there are still the MacBook Air and Pro lines. You act like everything else goes away with the new MacBook arrived …
You act as if it's impossible to use the machine without attaching an external monitor, etc. If you really do have to use wired external monitors/drives/devices, then you don't need the MacBook. See how simple this is?
Sure. The Air has more ports (for them as uses 'em, and you can use more than one at a time), and as long or longer battery life, and likely better performance in most cases. The Macbook costs more than the 13" Air unless you max the Air's memory and mass storage, at which point they cost the same. The Macbook does have a retina screen. The new Macbook isn't replacing it (yet), and won't if Air sales don't take a big hit.
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