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Pruneridge is a local street that crosses Wolfe Rd. about a block north of Hwy. 280 in Cupertino, adjacent to the new Apple campus. Back when I worked at Four Phase Systems, in what is now the Infinite Loop headquarters, the area around Pruneridge Ave. was still prune, apricot, and other fruit tree orchards.
You have no idea what you're talking about. Apple spends, and has spent for years, a higher fraction of its total expenditures on research than most high tech companies. This was the case in the early '80s (I was in the Apple//&/// division then), and it's true now. As for switching camera suppliers, it's not unethical, it's normal business practice when something better is available. Too bad your business couldn't keep up.
He's hardly the only, nor the first, person to leave a company who thought that the company in question was special in some way or other. At the time he left, in addition to being burned out from work, he was recovering from the aftereffects of having crashed his airplane at Santa Cruz Sky Park  airport in 1981. Add to that having ideas he wanted to work on that Apple wasn't interested in, nor intended to support him doing. I met him a couple of times while I was at Apple,...
I used to be on the board of a small elementary school where we supplied iPads to students in grades 5-8 and figured out a way to manage the issue. Students graduation from 8th grade were offered an iPad to take away at the end of the year at a significant discount, which turned out to be a popular policy. (Part of the school's iPad costs, both acquisition and support, came out of textbook fees paid by students at the beginning of each school year.) Might not work for...
Who says it has to be either/or?
Not as much chance to meet and talk with people face to face on the intartubes; expositions have that going for them.
Still better than most trade shows, if not quite as interesting. And I say that having attended every SF MacWorld show, beginning back when I was still in the Apple// division. I recently moved to Minnesota from the southern SF Bay area, and this means I don't have to consider whether or not to try to make the show... :}
You might want to compare the current 13" rMBP, as it's noticeably thinner than what's shown above. Not to mention with a different distribution of interface ports on the side.
Translation: "I can't support my increasingly shaky argument. So I'll declare victory and run away."
The original Mac, Mac 512e (Fat Mac) and Mac Plus didn't have an internal fan. The Mac SE was the first Mac to have an internal fan, for the earlier models, you could get an external fan from third-party vendors if heating was an issue.
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