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You might want to compare the current 13" rMBP, as it's noticeably thinner than what's shown above. Not to mention with a different distribution of interface ports on the side.
Translation: "I can't support my increasingly shaky argument. So I'll declare victory and run away."
The original Mac, Mac 512e (Fat Mac) and Mac Plus didn't have an internal fan. The Mac SE was the first Mac to have an internal fan, for the earlier models, you could get an external fan from third-party vendors if heating was an issue.
Translation: "I've got no actual argument... Squirrel!"
The "cracks" mostly weren't, they were flow lines in the plastic. (Hint: if they were cracks, you could have gotten dye to enter them by flexing the shell a bit.) If the on/off button failed to work, adding a small paper gasket fixed the problem. I had two of the machines, and supported users of a half-dozen others. Considering their current going prices, it might be fun to set one up again.
On the other hand, everything from Mac Pro down to Mini has at least one Thunderbolt port.
Maybe because "us on this forum" represents an almost infinitesimal fraction of Apple's customer base?
The Hexo+ video stated 15 minutes. Some other devices might fly longer...
Might could have happened. I came close to being fired by him fairly early during the original Mac development effort. I was a tech writer in the Apple][ / Apple/// group, and we'd heard the occasional and fragmentary bit of gossip about what was going on there, since we'd previously worked with people like Andy Herzfeld and Brian Howard, etc.Things like the display, and how Steve was supposed to have gone to one of the secretary's desks, ripped out a sheet of paper from a...
Not everyone may be able to create equivalently-high quality video, but you can be fairly sure that the tools won't limit you to lower quality.
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