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 I've got one, it its original case no less, out in the garage. Once we've finished moving, I plan to replace the lead-acid battery pack and get it back in operation. Wonder if I could get more than $50 for it once it's working?
With the subtle difference that it's actually a usable machine, without most of the disadvantages and compromises of netbooks (the which pretty much everyone else has quit making).
Except Apple doesn't seem to think that a plastic, bare bones mac needs to be offered. Not at $500 or anything else. You assume that Apple intends to be a "PC competitor", which I suppose would predicate meeting typical hardware and software specs. Apple's more successful offering what they figure that users will want to use, and if it competes with PCs in general, that's cool. But it's not necessary. Most users will have no use at all for an ethernet port, why should they...
Sadly for the joke, LSD came out of Switzerland, synthesized by Albert Hoffman, a researcher at Sandoz (now Novartis) in 1938. On the other hand, it's likely that quite a lot of LSD went *in* to Berkeley.
??? No "press-down-click then drag" to highlight required at all. (Not even on this idiot PC laptop I'm stuck with right now, and its trackpad and related drivers are barely ready for prime time.) Use "tap-and-a-half"; Tap twice, but don't let your finger lift from the trackpad on the second tap, then drag your finger to the end of the section you want highlight. For that matter, "tap-and-a-half" has worked on Apple mice since long before the first trackpads showed up.
Which serious fannage to help the liquid cooling part of heat management work properly. Remember commentary by early users of sound levels with all fans going under load?
"Make beeping sounds and display 6 colors (orange, blue, green, purple, black, white)?"   Missing the forest for the needles.   It's a common, but potentially-curable affliction.
"Selling is harvesting, marketing is  sowing."   Exactly.
Heck, even MS Office can't guarantee that, given its demonstrated problems with file support across platforms and/or versions.
So continue using the previous version that worked, until the updates to the newer version also work for you.   It's not like the new installer deleted the previous version of the iWork applications from your system.
New Posts  All Forums: