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And, as pointed out above, they made the PowerBook 100 for Apple, back in 1991.
One reason someone might be "out of the workforce" would be trying to start up and run your own business, and it doesn't work out for whatever reasons.
There are too few employers who think the way you do. It's simpler to just use a check off list; credentialism is so much easier than actually evaluating a potential employee's ability to do a job.
Turn it on in preferences. (Rulers -> Enable vertical ruler...)
So was I (near the back, right side main floor), invited as an Apple employee. When I got home that night, my family smiled indulgently, expecting I'd calm down in a bit. (Except for the boy, who was a bit young to care.) Heh. They're still Mac users today. Pretty much all I did as far as helping the Mac effort, being in the Apple// division then, was help to develop and sell products whose income kept the doors open until the Mac finally took off. They only serve, etc.
And what percentage of profit or $sales?
 When you think the Mac Pro's design had to be frozen so that production and shipping might happen around the end of the year?
I don't recall getting any offer from the store; I'd just moved my family down to San Jose from north of Napa to take a tech writer position at Four-Phase Systems (made the first all-LSI minicomputer systems). In the building they built as their company headquarters, which is now Infinite Loop. Spent 18 months there, then got an offer at Apple in the Apple//&/// division writing manuals there.   I did get offered a job at the bike store a few doors up from Mark's store...
The first time I got a chance to work with an Apple][ was at Mark's store, and remember you and Lucy there back then. A year later I was working at Apple, in part because of being inspired by the energy generated by the people working at, and hanging around the computer store. Time flies...
Between Nov. '79 and May '85 I worked in Bandley 3, Taco Towers, on Mariani, the "Triangle" building on Stevens Creek, and De Anza (5? 6?) across the street from Apple headquarters. Trying to keep up with the growth in headcount then kept things churning.
New Posts  All Forums: