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So a $30 Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adapter won't work? Switch to decaf for a bit.
I was impatient and bought Pages and Keynote from the App Store last night, since I use them the most (have iWork '09 from the box set). This morning, Numbers popped up in software update, and installed happily. So, having installed Mavericks on my wife's laptop last night, checked software update, and all three were showing there, and installed neatly. Sometimes patience is rewarded (and I need to see if I can get a refund on the two I just re-bought...)
 Schools. Not to mention people/families on very tight budgets.
 "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?", not to mention any number of Bugs Bunny cartoons.
I had a wonderful time hanging around in your store, and watching some of the, um, interesting characters that wandered through was icing on the cake.
What part of "up to 12 cores" slipped past you? Just how big do you expect the next two generations of DIMMs to max out to?   It's not like we're going to be limited to 1GB memory parts, right?
Our (very small) school depends on a measure of volunteer help, we're not swimming in cash. Our initial iPad buy looks like it'll break even in comparison with paper textbooks within three years (the school system under which we operate is requiring completely new/different textbooks over the next three years, for one thing). The most surprising thing, for me, has been changes in 5-8 grade students' math studies. They've gone from roughly grade-level work, to about 1/3 of...
Our experience in the past year doesn't match your assumptions. It's a small elementary school, iPads now in grades 5-8:    1 - at the end of the year there was 1 broken iPad (a student dropped an iPad that landed corner-first on another iPad.  1a - Eyeballz work very well to protect iPads. The sole issue is that they have to be taken off when charging the iPad in         the 10-unit charging station.  2 - except for the cracked screen of one, they all appeared like new...
  This one (and not very atypical one at at that):   1) Speaks/reads/writes English and Spanish, reads Italian, German, some French, struggles with Dutch, has forgotten most of his written Russian (hey, it was 40 years ago in elementary school), learning Korean. Doing all of them for fun, since, except for the Spanish, there's not much call for daily use of the rest. Driving out to visit our oldest daughter is the rough equivalent of driving from Paris to Moscow, Ankara,...
This is a killer app for schools. For example, I'm on the board of an elementary school that's moving from paper to e-textbooks, including providing iPads for the upper grades (5-8). This means that they can start a presentation/project/report on the iPad in class, then continue working on it at home, whether they've got a Mac, a Windows PC, or an iPad ... it doesn't matter. They continue using what they already have, and don't have to shell out scarce dollars to be able...
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