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What would be great is to be able to take the carrier's contract subsidy ($450 from ATT off the unlocked/no contract price of the phone) and apply it to the cost of the phone first, then use the iPhone upgrade program (or other upgrade programs) to pay off only the remaining cost. Either that or have the subsidy discounted from the monthly service cost, $18.75 per month, when not using the phone subsidy and when passing the two year contract period after which the phone...
I don't have an iPad, but the .ibook file can be copied to an iPhone by email, I assume that you can copy it to an iPad as well. iPhone iBooks won't open it, but it does come up in the iBooks library.
Unfortunately, the documents are not compatible with the iPhone version of iBooks. They can be loaded into the library, but not actually viewed.
I don't know much about IBM, but I for one don't much like like to be a customer to a business that places profit above creating a valuable product or service. You could argue that's the nature of business, but I don't agree, and I think the difference is a focus on making a quick buck right now, versus building a great product for the future. I recently helped my mom look at washers, and was really apalled by the selection of non-commercial washers (which were only a few...
More like "Acer growth stalling in the face of iPads and MacBook air surge."
How much does it cost to print and mail a copy of a magazine? Is that really less than 30%. I don't know much about the printing business, but it's not free. I just can't imagine that 30% is all that ridiculous.
Technically, but rounding 19.2 to "more than seven" is a bit strange.
Are the changes all part of the actual file, or separate in the file system somehow? What happens if you edit a file type that is not a private type for that application; how do other applications that may not know how to interpret the revision data work with the file? For example editing an HTML file in TextEdit, and then viewing it in Safari? Does Safari only "see" the most recent revision? Does that happen automatically, or would Safari have to know about the revision...
Why was the name even an issue in the first place. It seems extremely debatable that Apple using the name iOS would be in any way profitable. It's a relatively minor issue of consistency for developers; consumers don't care what it's called, they certainly won't make their buying decisions over it. What sort of damages could Cisco have sued over?
I bet the old ads will disappear very quickly once this goes live. If you're a developer with an ad supported app, you'd have to be crazy not to want to use these ad in your next update. The users will like it better and so will the dev, since they're making more money from ads.
New Posts  All Forums: