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I AM a UK tax payer, but spend most of the year abroad:-(
 a region free version of iPlayer would be fantastic, but unfortunately I suspect that the BBC's content copyright lawyers have somehow blocked this one for good. 
Yup, better power management will equate to either more powerful processing, longer hours between recharges or smaller & lighter portables. All welcome.
I am curious about this and although the Support page is at the indicated URL (wonderfully vague in what update actually addresses, as usual), the download link from the page just gets me to an Apple apology. Has it been pulled?
Welcome though this news is, I find it strange that Apple will give the recent refresh of the 13" MBP such a short life.   I need a portable that I stand a chance of using meaningfully in an economy seat on a plane, but with high enough spec to last out the next few OS upgrades, and as much processing power as I can get away with (for GIS work) yet keep 5+ hrs of battery life.  4 cores and 8GB ram strike me as minimum spec, and 13" screen about as big as I can get...
  someone once said: "A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them"   :-)
Although I don't like being spoon fed anything and detest the idea of big brother's command and control, it is exactky this that led me to buy my first mac in the early 90's. System 7 worked quite well as a operating system, wheras Win 3.1 required a proactive user to keep the ship afloat. Maybe I am now effectively brain-washed, but I am quite content with a system (computer, phone, home entertainment, whatever) that is integrated out of the box and essentially...
I bought an aTV for exactly these reasons too, and I recall that back in 2006 (before the aTV first came out) this aspect was the focus of some debate in the rumour mill. I would hope that Apple does not make the device totally dependant on local streaming that there is at least an option to attach a USB drive and use this for local storage. If Apple doesnt do this out of the box, I guess that someone would release a liberating hack, providing of course that the device...
i have been using siphone for voip calls over 3g for some time on my (liberated) iphone. in my corner of the planet the experience is variable due to bandwidth limits and package loss on the 3g network, and you need to be careful to set the app to use a suitable codec. g729 and gsm are usually ok, but things will improve when there is an offical open-provider voip client available for the iphone that uses iLbc - this codec is really good at coping with imperfect internet...
it will be the MeekMouse, a true giant killer
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