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  I take it you've never worked around advertising or marketing folks? They live and breathe this kind of data.    Your example of Volvo and Mercedes cup holders is a little absurd, but let's say you worked at an advertising company that was tasked with selling consumers on the benefits of a given cup holder design. You would very definitely want to know which group, Volvo or Mercedes owners, consider that an important part of the car owning experience, right?
Glad I'm not the only one who is amused by the irony of all this.   I remember back in the 90s and the early 2000s when Apple was constantly criticized for making both the hardware and the software. Steve Jobs gave a quick but memorable interview to MacAddict Magazine shortly after he returned to Apple (during his iCEO days) where he insisted that the best approach to computers and tech products was to make the "whole widget" and he was confident that this would...
Google expected to unveil Android 'Key Lime Pie,' new Nexus handset at Oct. 29 event Users expected to be on it somewhere around 2014.     That's actually not a joke, btw. About 75% of Android users are still on 2.3 or earlier.    http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
New Samsung ad.   Open on the usual gang of Apple hipster stereotypes standing around in the neverending line-up outside the Apple store.   Barista #1: "Hey, I hear this year, they're giving us all the cool features we didn't get last year."   Barista #2: "I hope so, but all that matters is the Apple logo on the back."   Barista #3: "No kidding!"   Two unfathomably awesome guys stand nearby and tap their phones together.    Barista #2: "Whoa! What...
  Nicely deduced!    I guess I can live with it for now until someone at AI fixes the code. I'm perfectly fine living in a Flash-free world even if it means dealing with this kind of weirdness. Still, sort of odd that an Apple site, of all places, would give a user grief for not having Flash available.    Thanks for the clarification though. I appreciate it.
Is anyone else having this problem? Every time I load a page in the AI forums, Safari downloads some mystery file called "ai". I've searched these forums and found no reference to this, but I'm having it happen at work and at home so it's not just an isolated thing.   Using the "cat' command in Terminal reveals that it's a GIF file.   Rex:~ rick$ cat /Users/rick/Downloads/ai  GIF89a????!?,D;         Anyone know why this is happening? It just...
  Free Android phones have been around much longer than free iPhones and likewise, Android phones are frequently part of buy-one-get-one-free deals, arguably better than a single free phone.   The argument is not weak and pathetic, but it is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
  Don't take this personally, but I wish like hell there were a way to block posters who have less than a certain number of posts. I've been on both AppleInsider and MacRumors for the last 10+ years and both have been great forums with great people and lots of enjoyable exchanges. However, I've noticed a massive increase over the last couple years in new people making inflammatory or just plain dumb, troll-ish comments. Can't help but think it's the Android true...
  I think you've got it all covered, but you could have scored a few style points by slipping a good ol' fashioned "beleaguered" in there somewhere.
Uh-huh. I could go point-for-point and show you how all of your argument is weak as well as listing things the iPhone can do that Android doesn't or does significantly better than Android. But I don't feel like wasting that much time on an obvious troll and I suspect you don't care to hear it anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: