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Funny stuff. If only you'd meant this as humor, you'd be a comedic genius.Oh well, here's hoping I'm not stuck in the mountains any time soon!
  Samsung: "I will make it legal."
I love how they take the one feature that more or less determines a majority of what you experience with the phone (that is, the OS) as bury it as far down the list as possible. You could maybe sell me on that phone if not for the presence of Android. Been there, done that. Never again.
All true. I have often entertained co-workers by connecting directly to my company's email gateway and firing off emails to them from Jesus. (He writes some pretty filthy emails, just FYI.)Anyway, the person you're responding to doesn't seem to understand that SMS is just bastardized email--or maybe he understands that but doesn't appreciate the full extent of the problems that decision opens SMS up to. If he wants to place blame, he can blame an entire industry for...
And I, in return, am going to urge Apple to get iMessages working as consistently as text messages. It's really frustrating when you sit there staring at a message trying to go out for a full 2 minutes before it times out and suggests you send it as an text message, which then goes off without a hitch.   I love the concept of iMessages, but damn, get the thing working already.
  Geez. You're taking a simple joke way too seriously.   If you really admire Steve Jobs (i.e., his philosophy and way of viewing the world and not just his public image) then you should sit back and relax and stop treating him like a sacred cow. I can't speak for the man, but from what I've read of him, I suspect he'd really dislike the kind of knee-jerk reaction you're having.
  Direct hit! You sank the Luddite battleship.  I'm continually amused at the parallels between these early days of the iPad and the original Macintosh. I remember back in the 80s when all those grumpy command line geeks were laughing off these new toy machines with their mouse and GUI and declaring them anything but "true computers." And yeah, maybe in the very early days, those guys sounded pretty logical and almost right in their point of view, but they--like the...
  And regardless, this isn't going to affect the 90% of users who are still on 2.x (not making that stat up, BTW. It's straight from Google's own usage site.) So once the admission is made that it was a problem, it becomes an acknowledged problem for 90% of current Android users.   My wife had an Android phone and the UI lag was shit. My iPhone 3G (which I got a few months before she got her phone) outperformed hers consistently for the whole time we owned them. (We both...
I know this is almost irrelevant to the topic at hand but does anyone else find it strange that a company as big as Google always uses such generic, corporate presentation-sounding music in the background of their marketing videos (as is the case with the one posted above)? I mean, c'mon guys. Spend some of that money you're sitting on. License some decent music for this stuff.   
Big deal. If it's running Android, it's already DOA. Android is the modern version of Windows, a half-assed, wanna-be OS slapped into cheap hardware. Someone at Google is laboring under the quaint delusion that what happened between the Mac and PC in the 80s applies to everything else in tech. I didn't buy cheap, crappy PCs running Windows back then and I don't understand why anyone would do that with Android tablets now. What's that old quote commonly attributed to P.T....
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