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I was told by someone at a store last week that a fish isn't a tree.
I'm surprised Steve Jobs was depressed by the general reaction to the iPad. It seems to me a definite case of "future shock". Even I will admit that I was puzzled by and disinterested in the iPad at first. And I sort of resented the direction it appeared to lead us, away from the power and flexibility of a desktop computer. Luckily, I'm married to someone who doesn't give a rat's butt about the direction technology goes and she wanted an iPad because it looked...
The problem isn't Google necessarily but rather the OEMs and the carriers who don't show much enthusiasm for updates. In fact, given that both of those groups have traditionally made their money from sales of new hardware, it stands to reason that they would actually be against updating. It will be interesting to see how this plays out if Google does make ICS available to a wide array of phones and their partners don't cooperate.
I can't answer that question exactly but here's something to consider, straight from Google themselves. How long has 2.3 been out? Over a year at this point? There are still more users on 2.2 and 2.1 combined. I'm thinking the pace of uptake on 4 is going to be glacial at best. Or we can paraphrase George Carlin: Android users upgrade like old people f**k: slow and sloppy.
Probably not related to the upgrade to 5.0. I had this problem with my iPhone 3G about 4 months ago. Power would drain in about 20-30 minutes, even when not being used. It's rare, but it happens. I fixed mine by doing a complete wipe and factory reset. Worked beautifully and I've been back to normal since. Make sure you do a full backup of all your stuff beforehand because everything (apps, photos, contacts, emails, settings) will be deleted.
Short memory? There were an overwhelming number of reports of people having problems with the iPhone3G after upgrading to 4.0, including me, which Apple acknowledged and fixed in subsequent updates. I was one of the lucky ones who only needed to do a quick reset to get the phone back to some semblance of usability but there were many, many others whose phones were more or less rendered useless by 4.0 until the .x updates. Don't kid yourself. Not all iOS upgrades go...
Typically, one of the speed bottlenecks a computer encounters when not enough RAM is available is the process of swapping memory out to disk to free up RAM for other tasks. Because writing speeds to hard disk are relatively slow, that's where you encounter slowdowns. Nowadays, most mobile devices use flash memory which is faster than a traditional hard drive which means the speed for swapping RAM contents out to disk should be less of an issue. Assuming there isn't some...
It's interesting to me that tech media and reporters in general seem overly fascinated with the raw market share numbers where Android is kicking iOS's ass. But it seems inevitable that once you get down into any of the details and dig down into any other metric beyond number of units sold, iOS is the more robust platform of the two. Strange that when you scratch the surface, iOS is clearly the better of the two platforms, and yet so many sales go to Android.
Unlike Apple, however, Nintendo is happy to coast on the success of a single product line until it has overstayed its welcome. The Wii U looks like an interesting update to the Wii but it should have been out last year, not next summer.
They're frantically searching for the next Antennagate to fuel their fake outrage. And just like last time, it will have little to no impact on how the rest of the world perceives the iPhone. And just like last time, it will do nothing to hide the fact that Android blows chunks compared to iOS.
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